Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ryan Funnies


After Ryan's bath (which is every other night in our household), he comes to the door of the nursery to say Hi to Kara and can all guess what I am usually doing during his bath time...yep, feeding the baby! Six months done...only six to go! yay!!

Ok, back to Ryan and why this story is funny. The following conversation is what we have EVERY time he comes to the door...but he added a FUNNY different ending the other night.

Ryan: HI!!

Mama: Hi Duck.

Ryan: I NOT a duck mommy!

Mama: Could have fooled look like a duck.

Ryan: No mommy, I Ryan. Not duck.

Mama: Oh ok. Hi Ryan. So if your first name is Ryan what is your last name?

Ryan: *with his serious face on* DUCK.