Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Cutie....

and his TIRED MOMMY!

This one is for you Jenni! I let Ryan take a photo of me last night. He cut the top of my head off but BALD is BEAUTIFUL right? Boy am I getting brave with posting no make-up, tired looking pictures of myself! haha. I like that my eye color can be seen in this picture. Many think I have blue BUT oh no....they are HAZEL. I believe Kara will end up with my eye color (well Chris has almost the same color too)...we don't know where Ryan got his baby BLUES.


Heather C Smith said...

You're lucky that you have hazel eyes! I wish I had hazel, blue or green eyes! BUT, I am good with my dark brown eyes too! =)

Jenni said...

Yay it's you! LOL THank you Ryan for making sure to document your mommy's life as she is so good at documenting your's and Kara's. :) Hehehehe. You are beautiful!

How did you like your day with your hubby? :)