Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Voice of an Angel...

Kara has a new talent...

(or as some like to call it- "baby humming")

She has been making this noise for weeks now and I finally caught her on video the other night while rocking her to sleep. She loves to "sing" while she nurses as well. On Thanksgiving evening, Chris' parents and Uncle Mike got a chance to hear Kara's vocals while we were all watching a movie in the living room. Her SINGING was so loud at one point that Uncle Mike had to turn the TV up! It was funny.

Sorry the video is dark and shaky. I didn't want her to see the camera because she wouldn't have gone to sleep and of course the room is dark because I was rocking her to sleep.

Kara Singing from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.


Heather C Smith said...

Oh! That was so cute!

Jenni said...

That was super cute! She is going to take after her Mama!

The Schaeffer Family said...

Abby and I just watched the video, and Abby smiled the whole time. She started to make noises when she saw the baby. Thanks for sharing. Cute.Little.GIrl.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Thanks for the comment!

That was adorable!

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