Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Singing, Dancing and Celebration!

This morning Kara had an appointment at GenSpan. As we drove down the highway, Ryan said, "Mama, turn it up. This is Ryan's song!"

This is Ryan's song.

Catchy tune, huh? Well now that you have it stuck in you head...watch Ryan sing it below! Sadly, the sound on the video is crappy so you can't hear much. Just watch his lips...he is hysterical!! (sorry it's sideways)

We were pretty excited about visiting GenSpan today! My good friend and fellow blogger (she is the main reason I got into blogging), Christy D'Angelo works there and she celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Christy! We came bearing gifts to surprise her with and from her smile below...we think she liked them!

Christy D. is one crafty and extremely talented lady. She created Kara's Birth Announcements and her Baptism Invitations for us and we loved how they turned out!

After years of making custom invitations, announcements and favors for her family and friends, Christy decided to expand her hobby into a business and created BRIDES to BOOTIES! Click on the link below to view her samples!

Don't forget to leave her some comment love and let her know you heard about Brides to Booties from me!

And in conclusion, here's Mr. Ryan (this is your final surprise for the day Ms. Christy!) showing us his signature moves in the middle of Toys R Us today! ENJOY!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Girls...

...are made of sugar and spice...

(it is hard to hear in this video but Kara now says "yes" after questions...sounds more like "yea")

Exploration from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

....and everything nice?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rock Star in Crocs!

Last Fall, I joined a moms group called Connect The Tots. I thought it would be fun for us to get out and enjoy playdates with children Ryan's age. The organizer of Connect The Tots sends notification of different events in our county via email almost daily inviting us to come join the fun! We have gone to at least one event each month and each time is a fun new adventure!

On Sunday, July 12th we attended an event at the Riveredge called ROCK STAR TOTS! At first I was hesitant to go because the admission price was $10 per person (adults, children, even babies who are walking!)...but I just knew Ryan would enjoy this event, so I had Chris stay home with Kara and Mommy & Ryan went on a date. (FYI- Rock Star Tots have since changed their prices. Check out their website HeRe.)

We had a GREAT time! Ryan, my little music ham, danced from the moment we stepped off the red carpet at 2 pm until it was time to head home at 5 pm. Yes, three straight hours of pure FUN! I was extremely impressed with every little detail the event coordinator put into this event. From the Rock Star decorations to the games, they kept the children interested and the music kept them dancing!

The DJ (also the event coordinator's husband) kept the kids entertained with a bubble machine. Who doesn't like bubbles?

Ryan bustin' a move!

There were several areas set up for when the children just wanted to play instead of dance. Ryan really enjoyed the tunnel.

Back on the dance floor, the DJ surprised us all when he turned on a soap machine instead of the bubble machine!! The kids LOVED it!

The aftermath of playing in suds!

I am not sure what this is called but Ryan really liked to ride it.

They had a quiet corner where the children could sit and read....

....or play planes, trains and automobiles!

Each month has a different theme. July's theme was AIR GUITAR! and it was also their premiere. They had a contest to see who could play their best air guitar. Here's Ryan practicing for the contest...

Enjoying a little ball fun...

Playing the STAR ring toss game...

Set up next to the quiet corner was a coloring corner!

And a kiddie party would not be complete without Parachute Fun!

They had an area set up for babies and somehow Ryan crawled his way into it!

Finally it was time for the contest. Ryan lined up and excitedly waited for his name to be called. He was the 5th or 6th name on the list, which I thought was good because he could see what the other children were doing first before getting up in front of a crowd all by himself. When his name was called, he ran onto the dance floor. The DJ asked if he was ready and Ryan nodded his head yes. Then the music started and he...

...pretty much just stood there and played his guitar. HA!! He looked SO SERIOUS and of course cute as can be! His mama couldn't have been more proud.

I even caught a clip of it on video. NAME THAT TUNE. Sadly, he did not place in the contest. The girls beat him out with their over the head guitar playing and break dancing moves! You will get them next time, buddy!

(Christy D. can probably name it after the first few notes!)

Mommy and her little Rock Star hanging out in the VIP area!

Ryan (far left) doing the Hokey Pokey!

Rock Star in crocs working the red carpet!

Rock Start Tots is held every 2nd Sunday of the month from 2-5 pm at the Riveredge. Chantelle, our moms group organizer, spoke with the woman in charge and was able to get our group a nice discount for the month of August. The next Rock Star Tots will be held on Sunday, August 9th. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I will add you to the list!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who needs toys anyway?

Like most families, our house is quickly slowly being taken over by toys. Even more so because our two children are each of a different gender, thus causing us to own "boy toys" and now "girl toys". I shake my head when I walk into the mess that is their toy room now.
I fear what the future holds.
Today the children found an empty box. This box created an entire hour of joyous play, I kid you not! It started innocently enough with Kara playing with her little people in the box. Isn't she cute?

Then she decided that she wanted to get into the box with her little people!

Little Miss Determination eventually climbed in and sat for a while...

...until Ryan saw what his little sister was doing! This is what happened next...

Box Fun! from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

Then a box accident happened!

No worries! Everyone was ok. :)

Snack time in the box seemed like a great idea too. Boy did they love the box...

...so much so they held a top secret meeting in it! Daddy and Mommy later found out what the RK Alliance was planning....let's just say, it wasn't as fun as playing in the box today!

So next time you ask me what the kids need or want, I highly recommend a box. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Days

Let's face it, most days are crazy. Just when I think I have everything under control, I am quickly and sadly reminded that I am outnumbered 2 to 1...every.single.day.

So really it came as no surprise when the RK Alliance decided to make an appearance today.

First the R of the RK Alliance (aka Ryan), decided to sneak some of Daddy's cookies and created a scavenger hunt this morning. I am slowly beginning to realize just how good Ryan is getting with setting up scavenger hunts. It seems like every other day I am finding crayons, kitchen items or even food hidden in the oddest places! Ryan likes to wait for a few hours to see if I will notice what he's done and if I don't, then he "tattles" on himself. While most times it's quite comical to play his little game of hide and seek, I have to say the food is starting to concern me because I do not want ants or even worse, rodents to start showing up.

Today's hunt was for cookies. The only reason I knew he had gotten into them is because I caught Kara trying to eat one!!!
So thus began another HUNT...the funniest place I found a cookie today:

I lifted the lid to the piano AND....viola! (silly picture would not turn!)

Here's the mastermind behind all the scavenger hunts. Thanks buddy for keeping Mommy on her toes all.day.long! Don't ya just love his devilish grin?

Next up would be the K in the RK Alliance (aka Kara).

She's sweet. She's petite. She's sneaky too!

Just look what she will do!!

This girl has NO fear! She will climb any and every thing!!! I meant to put their lawn chairs outside this morning and had them sitting by our sliding glass door. It didn't take Ryan long to find them and set them up in the middle of the family room. Then it didn't take Kara long to figure out how to climb up and STAND on them!

Truly, this little girl is going to give me a run for my money!

Even Ryan was SHOCKED! haha.

Hmmmm. Now how do I get down?

Ummm. Nope! Not that way!!! This would be the last picture I took before grabbing her and taking her off the chair completely. Then I placed both chairs outside where they belonged!

I was able (between all the craziness!) to record Kara being such a good Mommy to her baby! But of course, leave it to Ryan and his three year old potty mouth to sour the moment. *sigh*

Awww, Baby! from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Siblings

so serious.

so silly.

so stoic.

so sweet.