Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Day of School

Is it really my last day, mom?
(How cute is his Goddard School Summer Camp shirt?)

Ryan's last day of school was today. I told myself that I didn't want to cry but I couldn't help it. I dropped him off this morning and when I got back in the car, the water works started to flow. I didn't want him to see me cry. I wanted him to have a great day and not think about it being his I held it in and kissed him goodbye.

Sadly, his day did not start off on a good note. Ryan was up earlier than usual and was pretty much cranky while getting dressed and during breakfast. He is going through a "I don't want to listen" stage and boy is it trying on our parental nerves. I made Ryan a special breakfast, a waffle with syrup (which is rare because he usually gets cereal or a cereal bar so he was excited!) and gave him half a banana. Gotta have something healthy in there too! Well after a few bites, he decided he didn't want anymore (this is an ongoing thing- trying to get him to eat breakfast is like pulling teeth lately!). I told him that he had eat at least half the waffle and a few bites of the banana (well 2 for his age!) and drink his milk. After a few more complaints, he finally buckled and ate exactly how much I told him to eat. I said good job buddy, now drink your milk. He didn't want to drink and threw a fit. I warned him about time out if he kept it up and right after I said that, he took a sip and then spit it back out all over himself! ARRRGGGHHH! I took a deep breath, helped him off his chair, wiped up his shirt and sat him in time out. Yep....last day of school and he started it with a session of time out at home! I must say though, his attitude did improve after he sat for a while. Of course I had "crying ryan" to deal with while he served his time for a few minutes but he did calm down and said he was sorry. He was great on the way to school and completely excited when we got there because they had a story teller guest come in to perform for the kids! I got to watch a little and this guy was very good...very entertaining and engaging to watch.

When I look at the photos of his first day of school (January 2007), I can't believe how big he has grown in just a year and a half. He was 14 months old when he started school. He will turn 3 in November! Our little boy is quickly becoming a "big boy!"

Ryan's ready for his first day at school!

At his first day, I had so many questions! How would Ryan sleep on the floor when he had only ever slept in his crib? How can you make him sit in a big boy seat for snack and lunch when he always sat in his highchair for meals? Ryan's teacher in the tweenie room, Ms. Connie, said simply "Monkey See...Monkey Do!" She took several pictures of Ryan throughout the day so I could see what he did. He not only did great with eating at a table but even took a nap on the floor all cozy in his new sleeping bag. Once again, I cried. From the moment we stepped in this school, he showed me that he was ready to go. He loved having days filled with learning,new experiences and playing with children his own age. He quickly made many friends and stole the hearts of his teachers. They adored him and I couldn't have been more proud of my little guy.

In September 2007, Ryan "graduated" to the Toddler Room. Ms. April was his teacher and I credit her for helping Ryan increase his vocabulary and use "his words" verbally and not just in sign language (yes, I taught my son sign when he was an infant- it's such a great tool...I encourage all new parents to do it!). Ms. April found out she was pregnant shortly after we found out about our pregnancy. Having his teacher also pregnant helped him prepare for the arrival of his baby sister! As I type this post, Ms. April is at the hospital welcoming her first child into the world, a little boy they will name Kyle (we think she is 100% for this name!). I can't wait to show pictures to Ryan. Ms. April is going to be the best mom!

Ms. April & Ryan

Ms. Ashley was the assistant in the tweenie room with Ms. Connie and she made the transition over to the toddler room when Ryan did. It has been so wonderful having her care for Ryan his entire stay at school. She was there his first day and she was there to say good bye today. Ryan even wanted to name his baby sister Ashley because he adored his teacher so much! That is a true story....whenever we would ask what his baby sister's name was going to be, he would say Ashley! He is too funny and too cute sometimes!

Ms. Ashley and Ryan

Chris is usually the one to pick Ryan up at the end of the day but with being swamped at work lately, I had to drop off and pick up the last few days. Before leaving this evening, I took pictures of Ryan with his "favorite things" at school.

Ryan and the tree house!

This would be a cool thing to have in the backyard!

Ryan's cubbie at school.

Ryan LOVES circle time and learning about the days of week, months, weather. I even got a calendar that we have up in his room so we can continue circle time at home!

Ryan and the tunnel. This is his absolute favorite place in his classroom!

With Ryan being in school 3 days a week for the past month and a half, this gave me plenty of one on one time with the baby. It really helped me ease into taking care of newborn again and allowed me to not be so stressed out. Now I will really find out what it is like to be a stay at home mommy of a toddler and newborn! So let the fun begin!

Oh and Kara also cried this morning when we dropped off Ryan. Maybe she knew this was her last day with just mommy too!...or it could be that she didn't want the hat on! haha- what do you think?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alphabet Close-Up!

It's no secret how much Ryan loves to sing. He truly takes after his mama with this talent! Today he was a ham (as usual) and wanted me to tape him singing one of his favorite tunes...The Alphabet.

We hope you enjoy the show...and oh- the first section is Ryan "getting warmed up"...don't all professional entertainers need a rehearsal? His snicker at the end of his "rehearsal" is my favorite part. I love this little guy! And now...on with the show!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles...EVERYWHERE!

Question: What happens when you leave a 2.5 year old unattended in the bathroom?

Answer: Well if he is Ryan High, he might add a few more squirts from the Mr. Bubbles bottle into his bathtub before Daddy runs the water!!

WOW...look at all these bubbles!

This bottle dad? I don't think I touched this bottle....

What? Did I do someting wrong?

Ryan wasn't a fan of all the bubbles! He couldn't find his tub toys nor could he get the bubbles off his body!

Can you guess the theme in Ryan's bathroom?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Restless in Reading

Midnight Conversation with Kara Ellasyn.

So my little one decided that she wasn't ready for bed after her last feeding at 11:30pm. So here we are at midnight...just mommy and daughter. Too bad she stopped smiling and cooing once the camera was on her. Her smile is it! Hopefully soon I will get her smile on video! For now, enjoy her telling mommy that it is not time for bed yet...

**Update- Kara did fall asleep shortly after this video was taken. Nighty Night- Sleep Tight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"I'm a BIG boy now!"

Ryan went pee-pee & poopey on the potty ALL day today! It is 8:13pm and he is still dry! WOOHOO! Now we just have to get him to stay dry while sleeping...

I could embarress my son even more by taking a picture of him on the potty but I will be nice and give you a picture of him in his "dry" clothes from today. He is so proud of himself and we couldn't be happier for him! GO BUDDY!

Could this be the end of diapers for Ryan Christian High? Stay tuned...

Pictures of the Day

Enjoy the following pictures....

Ryan is a HAM!

I want to be an engineer just like my daddy when I grow up!

Kara is a sweet angel (when she sleeps!).

Swing time is fun and sleepy!

Playtime is the best part of the day!

Ryan seems to like the activity gym just as much as Kara does!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Playtime and Crazy Hair!

Now that Kara is more alert and becoming more and more aware of her surroundings, I've decided to try tummy time and play time on her new activity gym. We purchased the Baby Einstein Deluxe Activity Gym the other week and after a few tries, Kara decided that she really likes it! It was probably one our best baby purchases yet! Definitely worth the price and then some...

My poor little girl has a "bad hair day" everyday! I can't seem to tame that crazy head of hair!

Do you know why I have a blanket under Kara's head?

Did you guess- for added head comfort? Good guess but the main reason is to catch any SPIT-UP that might suddenly come shooting out my darling daughter's mouth! :)

My favorite is the Mirror- I can't stop looking at myself! I'm a cutie!

Mommy says I am a "diva" in training!

That musical star is mesmerizing!

Kara really loves her play gym! Here she is just lounging enjoying the music and seeing all the pretty colors! ** Please excuse my mommy's baby talk- she is sooo silly!**

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exeter Summer Picnic ~ 2008

Friday evening we attended the Madison at Exeter Apartment Summer Picnic. This apartment complex is special to Chris and I because it was our first home together. We watched our apartment being built in early 2001 and moved in April 2001. Our cute 2 bedroom/1.5 bath apartment was home for 4 1/2 years before we moved into this house. I also got into leasing apartments because of this complex. I worked at a sister property in 2004 before staying home a year after Ryan's birth and when I went back to work in 2007, I was sent to this property! It was great working there for the past year and a half. I love the residents (ok...there are some crazy ones that I won't miss!) and my co-workers were great to work with.

It was so nice to see the residents and introduce them to Kara. They were all very excited to see who that little one was in my tummy for 9 months! A huge thank you to Chad and Brandi for inviting me and my family back to share in this special event! We had a great time- just wish it wasn't sooo hot and to have spent more time with you guys! Good Luck with everything in the future! :)

Chad had a great idea with the dunking tank to help raise money for a Kidney Walk. They actually raised over $1,000 by the end of the night! We all had fun trying to dunk Chad- I hit the target twice but it never triggered him to fall?! Finally they allowed me to just push it....well I pushed it a little too hard and not only made the partition move but I also got wet in the process! Here are few shots of Chad in the dunking tank. He wore his business attire to add some comedy for the residents.

Our little man is quite the entertainer. Ryan LOVES to sing and dance. While we were eating, he kept looking at the dance floor just itching to get out there and bust a move. He was so excited when Chris finally gave him permission to go dance. He was sooo cute and the residents loved watching him.

My little ones!

Enjoy this video of Ryan dancing up a storm! There was a little girl who wanted to dance with him but he was having no part of that...he is a "one man show!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exercise, Spit-Up & Bath time!

Well the time has come to finally get rid of the "jelly belly" and "thunder thighs!" Though I am not completely healed (3rd degree tears are no fun-- ahhh the pains of having children!), I've decided a little walking will not hurt me. No more excuses! To help me with this journey, my good pal (former co-worker) Lauren has generously offered to be my exercise buddy. She is getting married in Sept. '09 and wanted to get a jump start on getting in shape for the wedding. So we are in this's always easier when you have someone pushing you forward. Thanks for taking on the challenge Lauren...I'm gonna need all the help I can get! ;)

Tonight Lauren stopped by after work for our first walk together. We put Kara in the stroller and off we went around my neighborhood. It was nice because we held a great conversation the entire hour we were gone and it went fast. It was hot and I was dripping in sweat when we got back but it felt good to get some exercise. I am sure I will be feeling the pains tomorrow but as the old saying goes, "No Pain...No Gain." Bring on the pain if it gets rid of the weight and I gain a new self confidence!

Lauren & her fiance Shawn (it was his 1st time holding a baby...too cute!)

WARNING- the following post contains spit up dialogue. If you have a weak stomach, do not continue!

This is not a picture of my child (Kara actually has hair!) but this is Kara's claim to fame shall we say! She is spit up queen! (can you believe I found a picture of a child spitting up on Google image? that's impressive photography!!)

Today was a marathon of spit ups. We had a lunch date with Daddy and as I was about to put her in the car seat she decided spit up all over my shoulder. This is after she had spit up twice during her diaper/clothing change! Now, I must blame myself for not learning to put a burp cloth over my shoulder already! I mean it's been 4 weeks of this! I was in a hurry so I just cleaned myself up with a baby wipes (they can get anything out of clothing!). When we returned home, she ate and once again I tried to get a good burp out of her. Instead of a good burp, I got a nice big pile of spit up on my other shoulder!! After changing my shirt, getting her in a new outfit and doing laundry again!- I think her tummy did calm down a bit. Ryan never spit up (well maybe like twice in his entire infancy!) so this is a whole new ballgame with Kara. She is just full of surprises!

Bath Time Update:

Kara had her second bath tonight and did rather well. She did cry during shampooing her hair but that was it. She actually made some cooing is so cute to hear her little coos and ahhhs. It is also nice that she is starting to interact with us- these are the moments that make the crying and no sleeping worth it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy One Month

Exactly one month ago today- our little girl came into the world!
Happy one month sweetie...

So how does a 1 month old spend her day? There is eating, napping, pooping and....

Hanging out on my boppy

Hey brother, get off!

Tummytime on my new activity gym!

Wow...look at all the pretty colors!

Getting my first "real" bath!

I didn't like it too much....

Ahhh....finally out of that tub!

Cozy in my ducky towel!

Boy am I pooped!... Nighty Night!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank Goodness....

...for bed rails!!

We finally made the transition into the "big boy bed" this past week. Ryan did great (other than the first few nights...Daddy stayed with him until he was asleep) and he has been in his bed for 5 days now! Ryan was always a "roller" in the crib so we weren't surprised when we found him in the funniest positions in his bed!

The following picture is how we find Ryan several times throughout the night! I have to literally scoop him out from between the bed and railing!! Hopefully when the weather gets cooler, the blankets will keep him in one place!

Kara- 4 weeks old

Wow- where did the last 4 weeks go? Our little girl is growing so fast! The good news from this past week is that Kara isn't as cranky anymore!! It is so nice to see happy Kara again.

Do you think I look like my daddy?

Kara 2008 (bath time)

Chris 1974

Grandma & Pop-Pop High came to visit on Saturday. Grandma brought gifts and some yummy food...thank you grandma! Ryan loved having the extra attention and Kara loved being held the entire afternoon! :)Snoozing with Pop-Pop

Grandma & Pop-Pop love having a girl in the family!