Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ryan Funnies

Now that Ryan is starting to speak clearer and we are starting to understand our son more, I decided I need to document memorable conversations with him. I've cleverly named them "Ryan Funnies", so if you see this title, you know it's a post on Ryan's view of things...enjoy.

*Mommy smells poop*

Mama: Ryan did you poop your pants?

Ryan: What? (in his New York accent!)

Mama: I said, Did you poop your pants?

Ryan: *with a smirk on his face* No, mama. It was baby Kara!

Isn't it funny how quickly he learned to blame his younger sister??

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Jenni Thomas said...

Haha how funny!

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all your comments on my blog. You are like the best commenter ever. I always appreciate the time you take to write some of the things you do. I think if we lived closer we would be good friends - we both like to chat a lot! LOL

And by the way, thanks for saying you are going to buy some albums! How awesome! And don't forget I owe you a free mp3. :)