Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Ok, so we all know Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth but Kara's changing pad comes in a close second! Boy does her personality really shine when she is on that thing. I finally caught a few smiles today...I also caught a picture that isn't so pretty...actually really yucky!

I love our camera (Canon PowerShot SD600) but lately it's been acting goofy. I think maybe the settings are all wacky! Does anyone have some pointers for me? I guess I could get the manual out (well dig it out somewhere?!) but even then I don't think I would know what I am doing/reading!

Kara gives her changing pad a thumb's up! (about to smile but spit-up instead)
New outfit and such a pretty smile! Do you like my punk rock hairdo? (and she spit-up again!)
Naked but still smiling!
(I am sure she will hate me someday for posting these pics!)
WHOA! Mom, where did that bright light come from?? Still smiling....


Do you have a weak stomach? If so, DO NOT continue reading this post! You've been warned!~

The following picture was accidentally taken when I was trying to fix the flash on the camera. I still can't believe I got a picture of this....

Yes folks... that's Kara doing what she does best. Wow! That was a projectile one! I believe we had 3 outfit changes in that small amount of time...and she SMILED through them all. :)

Oh and next time you think you are having a bad day at work...just stop and think of me as I drown in a sea of poop and vomit everyday! Ahhhh....motherhood is the best! :)


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Jenni Thomas said...

Hahahahaha! Okay first off, I can't believe you actually caught her spewing on camera!! That is AWESOME! I wish I could get a picture like that. Haha. But Preston always seems to spit up when I don't even see him doing it, and next thing you know I have a totally wet shirt and I'm like "When did this happen??"

SEcond, Kara is SUCH a cutie. Seriously, she is a very beautiful baby. And wow she has tons of hair!

Jenni Thomas said...

P.S. We have a Canon Powershot as well. What is theproblems you are dealing with? The lighting? I know if you turn it to the scene settings sometimes the indoor settings takes good picture, or the profile setting (The picture of the person) that one works well too so you don't have to use the flash. You just have to have very still subjects which can be hard with babies that are awake. But works great for sleeping ones. :)