Monday, August 4, 2008

Rough Day!!!

Well my first official day being home with both children was an interesting one to say the least! I had a feeling Ryan would be testing me most of the day so I tried my darndest to give him as much attention as I could. Sadly, he still was able to find trouble and spent a good amount of time on timeout. :(

The early morning went better than expected! Ryan woke up very happy and ate breakfast without complaints. He allowed me to feed the baby without interruption and actually kept himself busy for the most part. 11am rolled around and it was time to feed Kara once again (she eats every two hours on the dot- we swear there's an alarm clock in her tummy!!), I made sure Ryan had several things to occupy himself in his playroom and the tv on incase he wanted to watch that instead. Chris called me as soon as I started to feed Kara and said he was heading home because he forgot to take his medicine this morning (he also had a little accident with a highlighter- it leaked in his shirt pocket...hmmm- do I need to get him a pocket protector now? haha).

Shortly after hanging up with him, I heard Chris come through the door and Ryan greeted him. He came upstairs a few minutes later to change his shirt and Ryan followed him. That's when I saw it! At first I thought it was blood?! What was it? There was a huge red stain down his shirt and all over the front of his shorts! After further investigation, it turned out to be strawberries! Where the heck did he find strawberries and how did he get them all over himself! I thought for a moment and then realized OH NO- there was a container of strawberry topping that I took out of the fridge last night and I asked Chris to empty and recycle the container! Well I guess my husband never did it and our son found the conntainer. He then preceeded to finger paint himself and the loveseat in his playroom!! What a mess. Thankfully Chris cleaned up Ryan and also took the cover off the loveseat and threw everything into the washer. Thank god it was this old sofa and not our set in the family room!

We didn't get a picture. I think we were both in shock at what had happened. As mad as I was at Ryan for what he had done, I blamed us more because I was the one who took the container out and Chris had forgotten to rinse it out and recycle it! Still Ryan got a good lecture about not touching items on the countertop. I still can't believe I didn't see it this morning while getting breakfast together. Needless to say, he proved he couldn't be trusted downstairs while I fed the baby.

After his nap, I made sure Ryan was in the nursery with us as I fed Kara. He did fine for the first few minutes, then the acting out started. As much as I don't want to get worked up when he gets this way, it is so hard not to feel the stress. Stress is not what I need when I am trying to feed a newborn! So at the next feeding, he got gated up in his room instead. He had his toys and I put in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd. I thought what could he possibly get into? His room should be safe, right? WRONG!

Chris came home from work just as Kara was finishing. I got up to change her diaper while he went to check on Ryan. The next thing I hear is: Bobbi, you need to come see this. Bring the camera! Oh geez...what did he do now? I wasn't expecting to see what I saw....all I have to say is it could have been worse...

Yep- he trashed his closet! And yes, that is a half naked Ryan to the left of this picture!!!
So it was a rough first day and I am sure there will be plenty more to come. I just have to keep reminding myself that I will survive this (many women have done it and lived to tell their stories!) and Ryan will eventually get past this phrase in life.

At then end of the day I look at my family and know that the good will always out way the bad...


the d'angelo family said...

Oh my gosh! Never in my life will I probably say this...but thank God for having to go to work every day! Of course I'm just kidding. I know it's tough for you, hang in are a great mom, and yes, Ryan is just testing your patience. If all my child development classes in college were right, he'll do this for about a week, and as long as you keep your cool, he'll realize, "hmmm, this isn't going to work" and will return to his sweet angelic Ryan in no time! I would give anything to be able to stay home and be in your shoes!

Hey - I need to really clean through the closets in our house now that I think about you rent Ryan out for such a thing?

Jenni Thomas said...

Wow!! You poor girl. Man I don't know how you kept your cool. I can't believe he fingerpainted with strawberries!! Well, hopefully your day yesterday was a little better.