Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Days

Let's face it, most days are crazy. Just when I think I have everything under control, I am quickly and sadly reminded that I am outnumbered 2 to

So really it came as no surprise when the RK Alliance decided to make an appearance today.

First the R of the RK Alliance (aka Ryan), decided to sneak some of Daddy's cookies and created a scavenger hunt this morning. I am slowly beginning to realize just how good Ryan is getting with setting up scavenger hunts. It seems like every other day I am finding crayons, kitchen items or even food hidden in the oddest places! Ryan likes to wait for a few hours to see if I will notice what he's done and if I don't, then he "tattles" on himself. While most times it's quite comical to play his little game of hide and seek, I have to say the food is starting to concern me because I do not want ants or even worse, rodents to start showing up.

Today's hunt was for cookies. The only reason I knew he had gotten into them is because I caught Kara trying to eat one!!!
So thus began another HUNT...the funniest place I found a cookie today:

I lifted the lid to the piano AND....viola! (silly picture would not turn!)

Here's the mastermind behind all the scavenger hunts. Thanks buddy for keeping Mommy on her toes! Don't ya just love his devilish grin?

Next up would be the K in the RK Alliance (aka Kara).

She's sweet. She's petite. She's sneaky too!

Just look what she will do!!

This girl has NO fear! She will climb any and every thing!!! I meant to put their lawn chairs outside this morning and had them sitting by our sliding glass door. It didn't take Ryan long to find them and set them up in the middle of the family room. Then it didn't take Kara long to figure out how to climb up and STAND on them!

Truly, this little girl is going to give me a run for my money!

Even Ryan was SHOCKED! haha.

Hmmmm. Now how do I get down?

Ummm. Nope! Not that way!!! This would be the last picture I took before grabbing her and taking her off the chair completely. Then I placed both chairs outside where they belonged!

I was able (between all the craziness!) to record Kara being such a good Mommy to her baby! But of course, leave it to Ryan and his three year old potty mouth to sour the moment. *sigh*

Awww, Baby! from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.


Rakefet said...

Adorable and funny. I can't believe how grown up they are.

Helene said...

Goodness, they are so cute! Even when they're getting into trouble! Well, you have to give it to least he leaves the cookie in a whole piece. My kids would crumble it all over the house.

Jenni said...

Okay that is too funny about Kara climbing on top of that chair. this morning Will heard Preston in the other room giggling and so he went in there to see what he was up to. He'd found his bouncy chair and was kneeling on it and bouncing back and forth, like a cowboy on a horse. LOL it was hilarious!!

That cookie on the piano picture cracked me up!!!

The Schaeffer Family said...

I absolutely love this post. I love the cookie on the piano! Ryan and Kara crack me up, and I could giggle with them all day. You are such a good mommy and a good blogger. Posts like these will be treasures in the future. And - - they'll seem much more funny once you forget what a pain in the butt looking for hidden cookies can be!