Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who needs toys anyway?

Like most families, our house is quickly slowly being taken over by toys. Even more so because our two children are each of a different gender, thus causing us to own "boy toys" and now "girl toys". I shake my head when I walk into the mess that is their toy room now.
I fear what the future holds.
Today the children found an empty box. This box created an entire hour of joyous play, I kid you not! It started innocently enough with Kara playing with her little people in the box. Isn't she cute?

Then she decided that she wanted to get into the box with her little people!

Little Miss Determination eventually climbed in and sat for a while...

...until Ryan saw what his little sister was doing! This is what happened next...

Box Fun! from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

Then a box accident happened!

No worries! Everyone was ok. :)

Snack time in the box seemed like a great idea too. Boy did they love the box... much so they held a top secret meeting in it! Daddy and Mommy later found out what the RK Alliance was planning....let's just say, it wasn't as fun as playing in the box today!

So next time you ask me what the kids need or want, I highly recommend a box. ;)


the d'angelo family said...

Adorable post Bobbi! I can't believe how grown up Kara is looking. Isn't it the craziest thing what they will play with when they have every toy imaginable to play with instead?!

Thank you for putting my BTB button on your site! I already got an order for a gift certificate for a baby shower and a diaper cake! Woot!

Jenni said...

OH my goodness that was INCREDIBLY cute. I'm going to have to find a box for PReston now. I love that last picture with both the kids underneath the box.

My brothers used to make forts out of those huge refridgerator boxes :) Entertained them for WEEKS!

The Schaeffer Family said...

Great video! As I'm writing, Abby is pushing around an empty plastic drawer from our rolling cart. I'll never understand the attraction, but it's fun to watch her nevertheless. I love all the pictures, too. I need to get out my camera and take some more of my kids.

Anonymous said...

Cuteeeeeeeeeeee! My 9 months old daughter is the same. She has so many push toys for toddlers but she always prefer to play with a plastic cup or something she can get hold of.