Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Singing, Dancing and Celebration!

This morning Kara had an appointment at GenSpan. As we drove down the highway, Ryan said, "Mama, turn it up. This is Ryan's song!"

This is Ryan's song.

Catchy tune, huh? Well now that you have it stuck in you head...watch Ryan sing it below! Sadly, the sound on the video is crappy so you can't hear much. Just watch his lips...he is hysterical!! (sorry it's sideways)

We were pretty excited about visiting GenSpan today! My good friend and fellow blogger (she is the main reason I got into blogging), Christy D'Angelo works there and she celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Christy! We came bearing gifts to surprise her with and from her smile below...we think she liked them!

Christy D. is one crafty and extremely talented lady. She created Kara's Birth Announcements and her Baptism Invitations for us and we loved how they turned out!

After years of making custom invitations, announcements and favors for her family and friends, Christy decided to expand her hobby into a business and created BRIDES to BOOTIES! Click on the link below to view her samples!

Don't forget to leave her some comment love and let her know you heard about Brides to Booties from me!

And in conclusion, here's Mr. Ryan (this is your final surprise for the day Ms. Christy!) showing us his signature moves in the middle of Toys R Us today! ENJOY!!


Jenni said...

wait, so what exactly is GenSpan?

Whitney said...

Ditto Jenni's question!

Kara's announcements are so cute! Where did you get the name Ellayson from? It's unique, I like it!

I giggled when it got to the part where Jason Mraz sings really fast and Ryan was trying to keep up!

Helene said...

So what is GenSpan??? Inquiring minds wanna know!

I love both the announcements...she does beautiful work! The name of her company is so unique...I love it!!!

Ryan cracks me up! My kids each have their own song too and it's hilarious to watch them sing it. Ryan can totally bust a move...too bad you don't live closer! He and Landon would have a blast dancing together...he's my dancing fool!

the d'angelo family said...

Thanks for the post Bobbi! :-) It was great seeing the 3 of you during your visit! My daisies are brightening up my office and love the sun from my window!

Ryan's dancing at TRU is hilarious!

The High Family said...

Hey guys- click on the GENSPAN name on my post and it will direct you to their website.

In short, it is a local company that produces, reviews and tests out baby products. I learned about GenSpan through Christy (she works there now) and we have been "testing" new baby products out for the past year! It is really neat to see what the engineers are coming up with for the future!