Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ryan Funnies

Easter post is coming soon...maybe even today! Until then, enjoy another installment of Ryan Funnies....

This morning Ryan wanted to play with his musical instruments. I never turn down an opportunity to create beautiful music with the kiddos! We played and sang a great rendition of ABC's to Kara with the maracas and tambourine. She loved it!

After our mini concert, I was in the kitchen getting a snack ready when Ryan came in to show me something. It was a little plastic annoying horn he had left over from his birthday party. He was upset because the bell part of the horn had broken off. I explained to him that it was time to just throw it away because it couldn't be fixed. This is the conversation that followed:

Ryan: What?! No, mom. Dad can fix it.

Mommy: I don't think even Dad can fix this. We need to just throw it away.

Ryan: MOM! No, Dad CAN fix it. He fixes everything.

Mommy: Oh, ok. I guess we can show Daddy aka Handy Manny when he gets home.

Ryan: Moooom. He is not Handy Manny! He is Daddy. He is Chris.

Mommy: *laughing at this point* Yes, you are correct. Daddy's name is Chris. Do you know what my name is?

Ryan: Yes. It is Mommy Jo.

Mommy: *laughing really hard now* Did you just say my name is Mommy Jo?

Ryan: Yes. Mommy Jo.

Mommy: Do you mean Bobbi-Jo?

Ryan: *sighs* Yes, Mom. You name is Bobbi-Jo. But I like just Mommy, ok?

Mommy: Ok. I think Mommy sounds much better.


Helene said...

Mommy JO!!! That's adorable!!! My kids also know our first names and sometimes when my daughter REALLY wants to get my husband's attention, she calls him "Tim". It makes me laugh hysterically!

You know what's really funny about your kids thinking that Daddy can fix everything?? My kids think Daddy can fix everything too but he has so many things to fix around here that I always say to him, "just add that to your list". Now my kids have been saying that. The front porch light has been out for weeks now and Cole noticed it the other day and said, "Daddy needs to fix that but he probably never willl...better add it to his list".

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Great story, friend. For the longest time, Giancarlo thought my name was Mama. Although he still can't say my first name, at least he now understands that I have an identity outside of being a Mom.

These are important life lessons, you know! :)


Our Family said...

Oh boy the daddy can fix anything theme. Riley moved past this when she learned daddy can't fix everything and now she just says, "it's okay I'll just throw it away you owe me a new one".

The Farley's said...

This is such a funny post! Thanks for the laughs. Ryan has such an adorable personality.

Jenni said...

hahaha first that is so cute that a little boy thinks his daddy can fix anything. It shows how much he loves and looks up to him. So adorable.

And "mommy jo" hahahaha I love it!!! Soo cute.