Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Week

Finally our Easter review with LOTS of pictures!

Our Easter weekend was filled with family and travel. We started with a trip down to York for my niece, Madison's Baptism and 1st Communion on Saturday.

Before the service, we had dinner at the Eagles Nest (a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous panoramic view of York County and excellent food- I recommend the Twin Lemon Chicken) and a lovely visit with my brother-in-law's family. Sadly, we broke our New Year's resolution and were late for dinner...we are getting better though!

Family Dinner before Easter Vigil
(our family is on the left and Zach's family is on the right)

We prepared ourselves for a long service but what we didn't know was that it was going to last 3+ hours! Ryan and Kara did great the first hour but as hour two began, they started to get antsy with sitting still and staying quiet. Thankfully, this church had a cry room and we spent a good portion of that second hour there until it was time for the baptism.

Madison Nicole Woofter Chris stayed with the children while I snuck back into the church and took photos of Madison during her baptism (no flash of course!). I am so proud of my beautiful niece!

By the time Maddie's baptism was over, it was well after 9pm and we still had over an hour drive. So we quietly said our goodbyes and headed home. I was sad that we missed her 1st Communion, but I know she was happy that we were able to stay as long as we did to support her on her special day.

After we got the kiddies to bed, we prepared for Easter morning and another day of travel. Ryan couldn't wait to go to bed because he knew the Easter Bunny would not make a visit until he was fast asleep. Lucky for him, the bunny did stop by and left some goodies for him and Kara!

AND...he left some eggs for Ryan to find the next morning too!

(isn't this microwave adorable?!)

Here's a cute video of Ryan finding the Easter eggs that morning!

This year was extra special because it marked another "Kara's 1st"...

She seemed to really enjoy her gifts...

...but thought the easter grass was quite yummy!

Here's Ryan showing off all the eggs he found and getting ready to check out his gifts too!

His favorite gift was his new TAG book but he thought the easter grass was cool too. Hmmmm....Maybe we should tell the Easter Bunny to leave only "grass" next year!

This picture makes me laugh. Ryan was asking us why the Easter Bunny didn't stay?! He truly was upset that the bunny didn't stick around to have breakfast with him. The things that come out of his precious little mouth these days...Love him!

Kara just being cute and silly...she didn't care that the bunny didn't stick around!

We dressed the kiddies up in their Easter outfits (again!) and headed up North this time to spend the day with Chris' family in Hazleton. It's tradition to celebrate Easter Sunday at Nanie Smith's house each year. Again, we were late but only by a half an hour (big improvement from last year!). After filling our tummies with yummy ham, kabasi, twice baked potatoes, veggies and "the scrambled egg ball" (forget the name!), Ryan got to go on another Egg Hunt!

He is really good at finding eggs!

It should be interesting when we add Kara to the egg hunts next year!

Speaking of Kara...LOOK WHO CAN STAND alone!

Of course, the Easter Bunny also stopped by Grandma's house AND Uncle Paul's house!

Kara thought this adorable "bunny" that Pop-Pop High got her needed a kiss!

Then we tried to get a photo of the two of them in their Easter outfits...'s didn't go so well.

Time for another tradition...decorating Easter Eggs! This year Ryan's cousin's, Samantha and Alex joined in the fun and helped Ryan decorate the eggs...

...while Aunt Adrienne spent some time with Cranky Kara. (will this child EVER get over her stranger anxiety?!)

She may have cried a bit for others, but she did think climbing Uncle Mike's back was a lot of fun! But again, he wasn't trying to hold her so I guess that's why we got some smiles and giggles!

I love this picture...such a cutie pie!

Our 2009 Easter Eggs

As we were packing up to leave, I tried to get a photo of the kiddies with Great-Grandma Smith (aka Nanie). I wasn't successful with this group photo either...someone is either looking away OR moving! Oh well...better luck next time.

What better way to end our Easter week, then attending our Community Association Annual Egg Hunt?! Our development hosts an egg hunt each year on the Saturday after Easter. The weather couldn't have been more perfect this year! Usually, it is freezing cold or windy and wet. Last year, Ryan had his winter coat and hat on! This year he got t0 wear short sleeves.

Ryan doing his best Easter Bunny impression! hahah

Here's Kara with the Easter Bunny....I was able to get a picture before she screamed her head off! Sorry Mr. Easter Bunny, it's not's her.

Ryan waiting impatiently for the hunt to start!

Kara's age group was up first. 0-2 years old. I decided to sit her in the grass and surround her with some eggs to see what she would do. Let's just say, it took her a while to warm up to the idea of touching grass, eggs, etc...

Then Ryan's age group started. 3-5 year olds (he moved up this year!). He was so excited to grab as many eggs as he could carry. We were impressed with how he left his bucket in one spot and brought the eggs back to it. Last year, he tried to pick up eggs with the basket in his hand and kept losing eggs in the process.

Then it happened. He cracked one open and saw....CANDY. He was then on a mission to find all the ones filled with candy...

Just a few of my favorite shots from the Egg Hunt...

Until next year...Happy Easter!


Helene said...

Your kids are so adorable!! Landon's sitting here with me and he loved the pics...he kept looking at the pics of Kara and saying "awwwww, baby". I'm like "dude, you're still a baby too....well, not technically but in Mama's eyes, you're still a baby".

Glad you all had a fun Easter!!

Jenni said...

WoW! you guys go all out for Easter! It's fun to see what different families do. Growing up we only did easter baskets until I was about 6 or 7 and then my parents did away with it to focus more on the "true meaning of Easter". We would have a big easter family dinner. I was sad at first as a kid, but then it passed LOL. We're still trying to talk about and figure out what we want to do with our own kids...

This year we didn't do any of the Easter festivities because it was the same weekend as my Grandpa's funeral and we didn't want to take the focus away from that.

kara's Easter dress is sooooo cute. SHE is so cute. Awwwwe, I loved allof the pictures. Sounds like you guys had a really great weekend!

Our Family said...

Hey I saw on Momma Drama's website that Ryan is potty trained WOO HOO!! That is awesome isn't it so much easier?? Thanks for nocking the Godiva Chocolate method you brat ahahahaha. Just kidding. I'm still working on trying to come down in May...but when I submitted my time off request it was greeted with a meeting request with HR?? Wonder what that's all about?? ahahaha whatever. I promise to make it down at some point.

Our Family said...

P.S. of course you children are beautiful little cherubs. Easter looked so hectic with all the travel. That egg hunt looked like fun.

Kate said...

ahhh, this is great! I especially love the video! It made me laugh to hear Kara in the background playing, as AJ is ALWAYS playing with that toy..."A B C D E F G"! haha! Too funny :)