Sunday, February 15, 2009

when the blogging world meets...

...we do it with sweets!

Hershey's Chocolate World to be exact!

Last night I received a call from my good friend Christy asking me if I would like to travel to Hershey today to meet our blogging friend Jannica and her son, Owen. Jannica was in the Harrisburg area for the past few days visiting with her husband, Mark while he ran a stand at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show for his business Summit to Stream Adventures.

Even though I've felt like crap-o-la the past few days, I knew I couldn't miss out on this fun adventure and who doesn't want to go to Chocolate World?! It was the perfect way to end our LOVE the sweetest place on earth!

Jannica & Owen

I was so excited to finally meet Jannica and Owen. I love reading about their family and watching Owen experience all his "firsts". He was born just three weeks before Kara and is a champion crawler already....she has some catching up to do!

After welcome hugs, we gathered up the kiddies and hopped on the Chocolate Tour! I have to thank Christy over and over for being my second set of hands with Ryan today. I couldn't have survived this trip without her help! Ryan really enjoyed the chocolate tour ride. I think we all loved the singing cows the best!

Ryan was up front with Christy and her son, Tony...

While Kara and I got to sit in the back with Jannica and Owen. He is such a cute, sweet and happy baby. I love his cheeks!

After the tour, we walked through the candy store area. I don't know how I got through that store without my son begging for candy but I did! I think he was having too much fun with Tony D. to really pay attention to all the sweets around him!

The boys thought the Hershey trolley was really neat. They weren't in the mood to take pictures today. I must thank Christy again for taking the majority of the photos for me today too! All good bloggers know that each detail must be photo documented. ;)

We decided to eat lunch at the local Red Robin which happens to be Jannica's favorite restaurant. As we left Chocolate World, I saw this neat sign. Hershey is such a fun place and I hope to visit again this summer with Chris and kiddies!

Our afternoon ended way too soon and we were sad to say good-bye. It was great spending time with Jannica and I hope we can make a trip up to New York in the near future to visit and have Mark give us a tour of the beautiful Finger Lakes. Thank you Jannica for visiting with Christy, me and our little ones. It really was a lot of fun.

(the boys got to pick flowers after lunch to take home for Valentine's Day...a nice gift from the staff at Red Robin)

Meeting Jannica today really adds hope that I will someday meet other wonderful blogging friends I've gotten to know in the past year. Even the mid to west coast gals! We are all just a bunch of moms who love our children and the friendships formed along the way are just an added bonus in our blogging world.

Nothing sweeter than that.


the d'angelo family said...

GREAT post Bobbi! I'm glad you were feeling up to the trip! Tony D and I had a great time too! Please send me your pictures and I'll send you mine...I think you got some better shots than I did! :-)

The Moskal Family said...

I see a recurring theme in your posts compared to Christy's....mmmm, Red Robin! Haha!!
Really, though I am so glad you guys could make it out to meet us! I had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!

Jenni said...

Awwe I'm so jealous that you all got to meet and hang out!! Well maybe someday for me! :) Looks like you had fun and YUM Hershey Chocolate. It's my favorite Amercian chocolate. Even over Gadiva. LOL

Whitney said...

Fun! Why do all of my BFF's have to live so far away?!

The Schaeffer Family said...

As I mentioned on Christy's blog....

I'm not the jealous type, but I do have to admit I'm a little green that you and Christy met a new special friend (even though her blog is Top Secret Squirrel), I'm a little green that you met at The Sweetest Place on Earth, and I'm a little green that you ate at what is, quite possibly, the best chain restaurant in the Free World.

But, seriously, I am so happy to see something so special come out of something so fun. Congrats on the new friends. *hugs*