Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Day

This little cutie wanted to wish everyone a...

Happy Valentine's Day!

She also turned 8 months old today!

Want to know what I got for Valentine's Day??!

A sinus infection.

Now I get to take these lovely horse pills for the next week. Yuck.

I wasn't going to let this nasty sinus infection stop me from enjoying our LOVE weekend though. So Friday night after finally getting the kiddies to bed and taking my medicine, Chris and I snuggled in our bed to watch this movie...

It was such a great movie and I totally recommend it! We laughed. I cried. We even stayed up late to watch all the extras. Which was fun but then someone...ahem

... decided that 4:30am was a great time to wake up! My wonderful husband went in and rocked her back to sleep. Then something amazing happened...both Ryan and Kara slept until almost 10am!!

Now THAT was a great Valentine's gift! :)

Our Valentine's Day was a lazy day. I would get spurts of energy here and there but most of my day was spent napping in bed or on the couch. Chris spent a good chunk of the day in our office organizing paperwork while the kiddies played.

I did have enough energy to create this LOVE lunch for Ryan. He loved it and I loved that it was easy to make. Sorry this picture refuses to turn the correct way!

While Ryan enjoyed his yummy heart shaped grilled cheese and clementines, Kara received some extra LOVE in her oatmeal with peaches!

Of course we had to have a mini photo shoot of our LOVE BUGS!

And our day wouldn't have been complete without our handmade and Hallmark Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Farley's said...

What an adorable post! It is so much fun to share Valentine's Day with a new family member. It looks like all 4 of you had a wonderful day.

By the way I love, love, love Kara's pigtails. Poor Addie gets pigtails all the time even though she doesn't really care for them. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Heather Smith ツ said...

love the pics of ur adorable kids! sorry, i have no time right now! i'm in az! i was the unanimous winner in my class of 20 horses! awesome! bye!

Jenni said...

Awwe you guys had such a wonderful Vday! Ilove the heart-themed foods and your homemade cards. Such a loving family! My fav is Kara's pigtails!! LOVE IT!!

Kate said...

GREAT Post!! I absolutely LOVE Kara's hair!! you're kids are SUPER cute!!

The Schaeffer Family said...

You have NO IDEA how much I love Kara's hair in these pictures. LOVE.HER.HAIR.