Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~ announcement ~

We got a library card!


What? Were you expecting something else?

We finally, after attending storytime with Miss Tracee for several months now, signed up for our very own library card. Did you know that when you sign up for a card, that your card can be used at any library in our county? And it's FREE!

I can not express in words how excited Ryan was tonight when he checked out his first library books. He looked so cute as he picked out the books he wanted to read, took them up to the counter, gave the Librarian his card and then thanked her when she gave him the books back.

I was one proud mama.

It looks like he is not sure of his picks in this picture. Don't let his expression fool you though, the books were great! Ryan has already asked me if we can go back tomorrow to get more books!

Just call us the High Family Book Worms!


tara @ kidz said...

Hooray for the library! Even Chloe likes the library. I think it's just innate in all children. Except for the 'shhh be quiet' part. ;o)

Thanks for announcing the kick-off party. It means a lot to me!

the d'angelo family said...

That's great! Ryan looks so excited with his card! I have been meaning to get our butts to the new Exeter library to join the D's up as well!

You might just be my inspiration/motivation now to do so...John's been on me about it...I can only imagine Tony D's excitement!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Hey email me!

Based on your comment on my blog - we are nearly neighbors... did you know Kate will be in Exton on Sunday!

You and I have alot in common - would love to chat! :)

Helene said...

Yeah!!!! Good for you on bringing him to the library and sharing that world with him! I love love love reading (my husband isn't a huge fan) and I've been taking my kids to the library for awhile now and they love it! The first time my daughter was old enough to go to the library (and appreciate it), she walked in and said, "oh wow....we can read ANY of these books?" She didn't know where to start!!!

I hope he continues with his love for books!

The Schaeffer Family said...

Ziggity Wow Wow!

Nana said...

At least your not the High Family that HAS worms.

Jenni said...

Whew! You trickster you!!!! LOL I got scared when I saw the post title. Whew!

Well congrats on the library card. I hope you find lots of fun books and let me know if you have any recommendations. :)

The Moskal Family said...

I love the library! Ours is so small and I always seem get the storytime flyers AFTER they've happened!

And to answer your question about the Cabin Fever wine...I'm not sure, I've never had that wine from Hazlitt. Hazlitt is famous for their Red Cat wine, which is basically really sweet like grape juice or kool aid! So I would tend to think that Cabin Fever is also pretty sweet. Mark and I are dry-wine drinkers...I can do the sweet wines sometimes...but they have to be really cold, on a hot summer day with some super good grilled food!

That is too funny that your friend got that for you though! You'll have to come up we'll do a wine tour together. It is a ton of fun, I am thinking a girls weekend is in order!!

I hope Spring comes sooner than later, we could all use a break from this "CABIN FEVER!"