Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy 5 months!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am 5 months old. I've learned a few things in the past month. The biggest one would be ROLLING. I've mastered rolling from back to tummy. I can't say that I enjoy being on my tummy for long. I usually like to cry (sometimes scream!) for someone to pick me up. Thank goodness my Mommy always comes to my rescue. I love her.

Here are some pictures of me rolling over. Yes, my Mommy dressed me in my Christmas jammies! She can't wait for this holiday to come. She wanted me to tell you that she promises to post a video of me rolling as soon as she catches me doing it!

I also found my feet and I think they are really neat. I keep trying to get them to my mouth because they look tasty...maybe one day. I am trying to sit up but I must be top heavy because I fall forward a lot. Daddy keeps telling me that practice makes perfect. I guess I will keep trying even when it makes me mad. Here I am with my Daddy. I love to grab his nose!

I love playing on the activity mat with my toys. Did you know that I can hold and shake my rattles? I also love to put everything into my fingers are my favorite chew toy. I think hair is a fun thing to pull and hold onto. I especially love to grab my big brother, Ryan's hair (and my Mommy--she keeps saying she wants to cut it short now)when he plays with me. He doesn't like it. I wonder why he doesn't laugh like I do?

My absolute favorite place to play is in my Exersaucer. I also enjoy spending time in my swing and the bouncy seat when Mommy needs to take a shower. Mommy said she loves that I can play nicely now and not cry the entire time she is in the shower. I am glad I can make her happy. I think my Bumbo is super cool but I think I prefer standing to sitting so far. Not sure if I want to crawl...I might just try the whole walking thing instead. Mommy told me that Ryan walked at 10 months old. I might just have to beat that. That means I only have 5 more months to go...stay tuned.

My Mommy created a neat video of me playing in my Exersaucer. You can check it out below. I hope you like it.

WOW! Next month, I turn 6 months old. Mommy and Daddy said it will be a BIG month for me. I'll let you know all about it later.

Sending lots of slobber kisses,


Kara and the Exersaucer from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

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