Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Fun with Daddy

Last Sunday....

It seemed our ENTIRE neighborhood was on Fall clean-up mode...including my hubby. I drove down our street to find almost every yard being raked, mowed or weeded. It was a beautiful Fall day and most likely our last because this weekend was cold and rainy. It seems winter is coming early this year.

We have only one lonely tree (well we do have 2 small trees on either side of our house but they don't produce a lot of leaves) in our yard. It lives in our side yard along the corner property that we share with our neighbor. It's a gorgeous tree. I think it is some type of Maple Leaf but I'm not sure. I was never good at tree names. I guess some would say we are lucky to have only one small tree to have to clean up after all it's leaves fall off. Yes, we would agree but it would be nice to have a few more in the front for more privacy. I think we are going to work on "curb appeal" next Summer. Our yard needs some more pizazz!

Chris was so excited to rake up the leaves with Ryan and play in the leaf pile with both kiddies. He took many pics and video. I created a montage for your enjoyment.

Below are some pictures of their Fall Fun! Ryan loved it....Kara not so much.

Our lonely Tree

A few final blooms from our Rose Garden...

I love this leaf color.

Ryan with his new camera...they are attached at the eye!

Helping Daddy blow the leaves into a pile.

Kara thinking, "what's so special about this?"


the d'angelo family said...

GREAT Pictures!! I love the color of the leaves on that tree too!! Your roses look great - must have been those last few days of unseasonably warm weather!!

The Busy Bee said...

The roses are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Roses! They look so perfect! Cute pics of the kiddies! I didn't watch the video. I'll have to come back! Gotta go finish up my history test! Arg! history is not my specialty!

Jenni said...

hahha what a perfect song to use for the slideshow!! LOL

Wow I can't believe you still have roses in bloom! In November. That is crazy. Your Leaf-raking Saturday sounded like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You did an awesome job with that video!! I loved it! Their so cute in the leaves! Ha Ha! Did you know that I surprisingly play that song??? I say surprisingly because I never play rag time songs, I like the more laid back prettish songs but I did it for my Mom. Anyways, what an awesome video!

Anonymous said...

how did you make the video? parts of it looked like a video adn the rest was a slideshow. just wondering how you made it:)