Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lake Wallenpaupack

Our first vacation as a family of 4, was enjoyed at Lake Wallenpaupack this year. We spent 5 relaxing and fun-filled days (Aug. 22-27) up at the cabin on the lake. There's a funny story about this lake. Growing up, both our fathers owned boats and drove them on Lake Wallenpaupack. Chris and I probably crossed paths numerous times while boating on the lake but never knew it! It was such a funny revelation when we first started dating and Lake Wallenpaupack came up in discussion. So this lake has a special meaning to us and we will make many trips up to the Poconos in the future to spend time on it with our own little family now.
Many thanks to Grandma and Pop-Pop High for allowing us to spend time at the cabin, taking Ryan on many boat rides (and tons of fishing on the docks) and for helping with baby Kara....those little breaks meant the world to a couple of sleep deprived parents!

2008 Lake Memories:
  • watching Ryan fish with his Pop-Pop and Daddy on the dock
  • walking Kara around the wooded tree line and along the stony beach seeing nature in all it's beauty
  • boat rides!
  • Pop-Pop being the only BRAVE one to ride his new Gladiator tube (thank you uncle Mike and Daddy for bringing him back safely to us!)
  • Ryan's 1st campfire
  • Ryan's 1st splinter (it took 4 adults to get it out! poor guy)
  • Ryan's 1st shower (took it like a champ...well sorta)
  • Ryan's 1st time sleeping in a bunk bed
  • Did you know that lake air causes poop-a-thons? It does, two kids = a lot of diaper changes (especially miss Kara!)
  • watching Chris and Mike kill mosquito after mosquito in the cabin
  • Uncle Mike being named "our Hero" because he brought up Kara's swing
  • Ryan swimming in a kiddie pool (doesn't everyone while lake vacationing?)
  • catching up on some good books (Chris did more reading than Bobbi... I am still working on that Harry Potter book!)
  • Ryan insisting on wearing his life jacket everywhere
  • sink baths with Kara
  • being on the lake at night and seeing the beautiful starlit sky- it was so clear that the Big Dipper looked was great to experience the stars with Ryan
  • Ryan feeding the ducks (he instantly became their best friend and knew when he was on the docks every time!)
  • spending time with the ones you love

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our lake trip this year. I also created a montage of pictures (at the end of this post) from our week at the cabin....ENJOY!

The "High boys" love to fish off the docks.

Pop-Pop's boat
(still unnamed...we think he should name the boat 'High Voltage'- HIGH for obvious reasons and VOLTAGE because Pop-Pop works as an electrical engineer for PP&L electric company.)

Ryan and Pop-Pop caught a (little) fish!

BATH TIME! (I love this picture of Kara)

Bonding time between Kara and Pop-Pop...she loved that he took her for many walks through the woods! This picture is so adorable. She has him smitten already!

Just relaxing in her swing. (Thanks for bringing it up uncle Mike!)

Ryan's 1st campfire marshmallow. (surprisingly, he didn't like it)

Ryan's 1st splinter boo-boo! (it was big and in deep- ouchie!)

Kara was pretty much cranky the entire time and wouldn't let Grandma hold her until 15 minutes before we left the cabin. Boy was Grandma happy to finally get "cuddle time!"


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