Friday, October 10, 2008

Ryan ~ My first Dentist Visit

On Friday, Ryan had his 1st visit to the dentist to get his teeth checked and cleaned. He was SO EXCITED and couldn't wait to see the "teeth doctor"- remember...he is obsessed with doctors so naturally the dentist would be known as the teeth doctor.

Mommy had her teeth checked first and she is happy to report NO CAVITIES! She is very proud of herself for making it 32 years, including 2 sets of braces in her teens and never having a cavity! It is quite the accomplishment. :)

Ryan was next and he went from SO EXCITED to very serious in .2 seconds! He did great though and listened to everything Dr. Fiset asked him to do. He even made his mama proud when he showed Dr. Fiset how he can spit in the sink. haha

Ryan is also happy to report that he has No Cavity Bugs! What can we say, he was born into good teeth genes. ;) Good Job Buddy! Mommy and Daddy are sooo very proud of you!

ummm....mama, what is going to happen now?
Ryan the pro spitter!
His reward for doing such a great job! (he picked a bouncy ball)


Heather Smith said...

Awe! That's so cute! Ryan should become some sort of doc! Congrats on NO cavities to the both of you! That's so awesome that you have had NO cavities for 32 years! I had braces and got them off like a half of year ago because I developed a cavitie and oh was I mad!One out of 14 years! That's still good though!

Jenni said...

Seriously?? No cavities EVER? Wow girl you have some awesomely good enamal. Ryan is lucky to have your good teeth genes.

Ugh seeing the dentist pictures did make me squirm a bit. I do NOT like going to the dentist. LOL