Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 3 months and BUMBO fun!

Today Kara turns 3 months old!

A few things we have noticed in the last month are:
  • Kara has great neck strength! (she has for a while now- it keeps improving)
  • Kara is teething! (we are curious when those buds are gonna pop!)
  • Kara is quite the talker already!
  • Kara's eye color is changing. We are starting to see more green/hazel instead of blue.
  • Kara's hair is also changing! Depending on how the light hits it, you can see brunette, red or blond! It is slowly falling out and it seems like blond roots are coming through. Looks like we are going to have another blondie (at least for a little while)...
  • Kara is finally taking her nuk! (she still enjoys her sucking on her hands but we really hope she sticks with the nuk! We believe it is easier to get rid of a pacifier then a thumb...cross your thumbs she sticks with the nuk! haha)
  • Kara prefers her mommy & daddy to other family members. (we hope she outgrows this...her grandparents would love to hold her without tears!)

She is such a joy to have in our family and we feel she makes us complete. Ryan adores her and I know he can't wait for her to grow up so they can play together. With Kara holding her head so well, we have been using the Bumbo now. It is soooo great to put her in there and have free hands to accomplish more around the house now! She loves sitting and watching everyone around her. She especially loves sitting on the table at dinner time and watching her brother eat his food! I can't say he feels the same way! It's too cute.

Kara spent her 3 month b-day sleeping, eating and hanging out in her Bumbo. We think she is going through a major growth spurt because all she wants to do is eat and sleep lately.

Enjoy her photo shoot from today....
(thank goodness for digital cameras-we took a lot of pictures!)



Heather Smith said...

Wow! I didn't know that she was born a day after Preston was. That's really cool! She is a really pretty baby. She also looks happy! She's in good hands!

Jenni said...

Ohhhhhhhhh what a cutie. Happy 3 month bday Kara!

She is SO much smaller than Preston!! We are thinking Preston is going to already outgrow his bumbo pretty soon. His chunky little legs totally just barely fit through the slot where the legs go. LOL.

Do you notice that the way the bumbo is positioned it makes Kara spit up more? For some reason it makes Preston slouch forward and so his diaper folds in and pushes in on his stomach. Without fail, he will always barf/spit up when sitting in the bumbo. Which, is also probably why he only lasts long enough in it for me to get a few dishes done.

the d'angelo family said...

Aww Bobbers...she is so petite isn't she? What a cutie! Nice photos...they do look very professional..I love the "shy" looking one where she has her hands up and kind of covering her face.

The Moskal Family said...

How incredibly cute!!! We just got a bumbo not too long ago too! They do love them!
Happy 3 months Kara!

Heather Smith said...

Hey- Can I add your blog onto my blog? Let me know if that's okay?.?.?

Kate said...

Happy 3 Months!!!! She's just SO pretty! :)

Margie G. said...

So big!...I haven't even tried Anna in the bumbo seat yet, guess I should huh? LOL I feel like I am slacking w/her as far as trying new things - crazy busy!