Sunday, September 14, 2008

Triple Blow Out

3 down...9 to go!

That's right....our Nittany Lions are now 3-0! WOOHOO!

They blew away Syracuse with a score of 55-13. Amazing...
Penn State plays Temple next Saturday (easy win) in Happy Valley.....the boys will be going up to the game with Grandma & Pop-Pop while Kara and I stay at my in-laws watching the game on tv. Then we are off to the Bloomsburg Fair on Sunday (also Chris' birthday!) for some game playing, animal watching, craft buying, yummy food eating FUN!


Jenni said...

I have to say, when I saw the title "Triple blow out", the thought that immediately came to mind had to do with daipers and poop. But maybe that is because my little one gave me a pretty gross blowout during church today. Yep. Let's just say his entire outfit was ruined and he went naked for the last 10 min of the meetig. (aside from a new diaper).


the d'angelo family said...

oh my gosh jenni and bobbi...i actually just came on here to comment that i too thought "triple blow out" was not going to refer to psu football. glad to hear though that it was just the big blue and white scoring another win!!!

The High Family said...

yes girls, as soon as I posted it I thought...hmmmm....I think all my mommy friends will think this has to do with a blow out diaper!

I was also thinking wow...I haven't had a blow out diaper in a while. Well don't ya know...Miss Kara has a major one while feeding! oh yuck! EVERYWHERE!

oh the joys of a nursing mama! LOL