Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ryan Funnies

Ok- this one is something Ryan did this morning, not something he said. I almost didn't create this post because I was afraid that some would think I was a bad mommy...but then I realized that my mommy friends probably have similiar stories as does my mom and mother-in-law. So here it is...another Ryan Funny:

My morning schedule goes something like this.

After Kara's early morning feedings (usually around 6am), I get Ryan's breakfast ready and leave it on the table for him. Reason being he usually gets up when I am in the middle of Kara's second feeding. I also leave the tv on PBS so he has something to watch while eating. Yes, put me in the bad mommy club now...I use the tv as a babysitter in the mornings!

This morning I was so tired that completely forgot and went back to bed. When I woke up an hour later I realized that I hadn't prepared breakfast for him and went downstairs to get everything set up.

Well, guess who I see when I get down there?!

Yep, Ryan High. Sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer and eating pretzels that Daddy left out from the night before!!

Of course I replaced those pretzels with cheerios and an apple cereal bar and switched Jerry to George (the monkey) immediately!

I guess it could have been much worse...he wasn't jumping up and down on the couch shouting "Jer-ry...Jer-ry!" while eating potato chips! :)

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Jenni Thomas said...

LOL! You're gunna have to watch him!!! Jerry Springer that's hilarious!