Monday, August 18, 2008

I got tagged...are you next?

I've been blog-tagged! I believe I was tagged before by Margie but I never got a chance to play along. Sorry Margie! This time my friend Christy tagged me and the game is too funny not to participate. If you get a chance, please read Christy's's hilarious!

This tag game has to do with your first name and the word "needs"...

what you have to do is, go to google (or your other preferred search engine) and type in your first name and the word "needs" following it. then sit back and laugh at the funny things that come up. post the first 10 hits you get and then tag your friends. here's what I found when I typed in "Bobbi needs"...

1 - Bobbi needs...a new doctor. (I've seen the same doctor since the age of 3...that's 29 years...I think I will stick with her)

2 - Bobbi needs...a new doctor. (Do they know something I don't know?? I hope Dr. Murphy is alright!)

3 - Bobbi needs...Hobbits Hollow! (What?! Ok this is actually another blog by a Bobbi called Hobbits Hollow...she participated in this fun game back in 2005. boy were there some funny things in google back then!)

4 - Bobbi needs...a date. (Yes, I will be the first one to admit that I do need a date...with my husband!!! Any babysitters out there?!)

5 - Bobbi knock off the drugs or start taking them! (Hmmm...I am so not a pill popper, can't smoke and hate needles. The only prescription I'm on lately is prenatal vitamins!)

6 - Bobbi needs...some serious help! (I'm not gonna lie. yes, I do.)

7 - Bobbi (and the strays) needs...a new home. ("the strays" made me laugh! I prefer to call them family members. I would agree that a new home would be nice. It's a dream of ours to build our own someday...)

8 - Bobbi needs...a tent revival. (ummm...had to Wikipedia this one. All I have to say is that I prefer to pray in my little church up on the hill, thank you.)

9 - Bobbi send invites to Bert, Ernie and Sandy. (don't know who Sandy is but Bert and Ernie are invited over anytime! I am sure Ryan would love a playdate with them!)

10 - Bobbi get over her lover more privately. (OH MY! how did that get on there? LOL)

Ok, that's my "I need" list...I now tag the following people to post their own:

Jenni , Kate, and Margie ~ Have fun girls!


Jenni Thomas said...

Okay that was pretty funny I have to admit. I normally don't do tags, but I might make an exception for this one. Give me a few days and remind me too if I forget! LOL

the d'angelo family said...

Bobbi - that was too funny!!! Thanks for playing! Apparently we both have issues we need to seek help for! Mmm, maybe we'll get a group discount if we go together? Oh, and you've got a babysitter here anytime you need one...just give a call!