Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh what a night...

I think I've already said in a previous post that I see a wonderful sibling bond forming with Ryan and Kara. It is a beautiful thing for a mommy to experience and I hope they continue to grow closer and love one another as the years go on. What I haven't told you all is that I also think they have formed an alliance against me!! There have been days where they cry at the same time, have crazy poops at the same time...I could go on and on with how they as a team always seem to surprise me with something. So last night RKA (aka the Ryan & Kara Alliance) were ready to attack and poor mommy didn't see them coming! hahahaha

My crazy evening started with Kara's final feeding at 11:30pm. I put her to bed around 12:15am. After several trips up and down the hall checking on everyone and getting things set up for the next day, I finally went to bed around 12:45am. Yes, I know it sounds silly but I have to check on Ryan several times before I go to bed. This is a ritual I've been doing for almost 3 years now...just making sure he is not stuck between the rail and bed, too hot, too cold, etc. Then of course I have to do what all mommies of newborns do, make sure Kara is breathing and comfortable as well.

At 3:13am (I checked the clock) I was awoken by Ryan hitting my arm. He scared the crap outta me because he has never woken me up in the middle of the night before. He wasn't crying, wasn't poopy (I usually can smell that a mile away!) nor did he have a fever. I figured maybe he had a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep. He said, "Up please mama." So I put him in the bed (this is the first time he has ever asked to be in bed with us) and I went back to sleep. After what seemed like only a few minutes of sleep, I woke up with a kick to the leg. I look over and there is Ryan (deep asleep) completely up against me. We have a king size sleep number bed so there is plenty of room for two adults and a small child! I move him into the middle of the bed once again and doze off. Several minutes later I get an arm to the head! Ouch! There he was again sleeping up against me. Now this is getting ridiculous. Why can't he stay in the middle or if he is going to roll, then why can't he hit his father instead?!

I move him over again and tell myself that if I get hit one more time, he is going back to his own bed. I finally get comfortable and ready to fall asleep when I hear Kara start to grunt. Oh no. Why is she getting up now? I try to ignore her, hoping she will go back to sleep. Nope. It is now 3:54am and she is up. I get out of bed, pick her up and can tell in an instant that she is hungry. Where did this come from? She hasn't gotten up for a feeding before 5am in weeks?! I assume she's still recovering from her shots and go into the nursery to feed her. Twenty minutes later Ryan wonders into the nursery. Guess he missed his punching bag! I tell him to go into his room and I will be in as soon as I get Kara back to sleep.

When I finally get into his room (it is now 4:37am), he is sitting on his bed wide awake. I ask him why he isn't sleepy? He just stares at me. Hmmm...not knowing what could be wrong, I decide to lay down next to him. Hopefully this helps him go to sleep. I was about to fall asleep in his bed when I get the famous tap on the arm. I open my eyes to my son just inches from face (got me again! I swear he is going to give me a heart attack!) and he says, "I'm yucky mommy." What? "pee!" OH! So I change his diaper and WOW there was a lot of pee in there. Guess daddy shouldn't have given him that 3rd glass of milk at dinner! Poor guy! I clean him up, give him a kiss and head back to my bed. It is now 5:08am....gosh I hope Kara sleeps until at least 7am. Nope. She is up at 6:23 on the dot and ready for the day! I get up defeated and pray for a nap later today.

The good thing is maybe now Ryan realizes that he doesn't like to be wet and will ask to go (or just go himself) to the potty! Only time will tell....

Oh for those who are wondering if I got that nap?
Nope. Alliance - 1 Mommy - 0 :(


the d'angelo family said...

Oh poor thing! I'm so sorry you had such a rough night. Here's hoping your Monday is better and that a nap is in the cards for you today!!!

Heather Smith said...

Wow! What a night! I hope you won't see one of those nights for a long time! Get some sleep, you need it. (Actually everybody needs it LOL)

Jenni Thomas said...

Oh my gooooooooooooooooodness!!! You. Poor. Girl. I bet you were a walking zombie the next day. And Kara really doesnt wake up to eat before 5am? You are so lucky! Preston is still waking around 2 or 3 to eat, and then again around 6 or 7.