Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Day

Last week I received a text message from Lauren saying she had off on Monday and did I want to go to the Park City Mall? Didn't take me long to respond with a resounding YES! As stated in a previous post, I don't enjoy shopping anymore...unless I have an extra set of hands to help! It can be very exhausting to say the least...still can't believe Lauren was up for the challenge! This was a great opportunity to a) get Ryan out of the house b) do some shopping and c) get some good exercise from walking the mall. I was excited and ready to go when Lauren got to my house this morning. We actually spent 3 hours there and had a pretty good time...well there were a few rough patches with Ryan but all in all it was a successful trip. Ryan got a chance to play at the indoor play gym and I got a few fall items for the kids and myself. Thanks for spending your day off with us Lauren...hope you had a great nap...after Oprah of course!

Future rock climber? Start with your fruits and veggies first...

Oh the things you could do with that box of crayons!

Where is Ryan?

Fountain Fun! - I think we threw in at least 15 cents worth of pennies!

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