Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 2 months!

Kara turned 2 months old on Thursday, August 14th. I still can't believe how fast this summer has flown by? Every year seems to go faster than the last. Boy what a difference a month makes. Kara has definitely become more aware of her surroundings. Gone are the cranky crying days and hello to smiles and cooing/ahhhing. Kara loves to play in her activity gym. She also holds her head up really well and we are excited to put into the bumbo soon!

On Thursday, I took pictures of Kara in her 'coming home' dress. During my last few months of pregnancy, I was on a mission to find the perfect outfit to bring her home in. My search ended Memorial Day when my sister Tara gave us the cutest dress. I just knew it was the one for Kara to have her first picture in and wear home. It's a "newborn" size, but Kara was so little at birth that it practically drowned her. She hasn't had another opportunity to wear it since and I felt bad that it's been just hanging in her closet. So Thursday, I decided to put her in it to see if she fit it two months later. She did and it looked even cuter the second time around. WOW- how's she grown in just two months! Check out the comparison photos below:

Kara High ~ June 2008

Kara High ~ August 2008

and just because she was quite the poser for her are a few more!

Isn't she precious?!
Ok Mom- I'm done posing now.

Yesterday (June 15th) was Kara's 2 month wellness visit. These are never fun for me...well not really for the kids either except Ryan, he loves to visit the doctor! We were very excited to finally find out how much she grew in the last 6 weeks. We thought she was around 8.5 pounds and grew another inch. Boy were we wrong!!! Kara now weighs 10 lbs. 6 oz. and is 22 3/4 inches in length!! At 2 weeks old, she was only 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. She gained over 3 lbs and grew over 2 inches in six weeks!

Along with the normal check up items, comes the dreaded shots. Kara received 3 in her thighs and 1 oral vaccine. Ryan, who was very upset that this visit was for Kara and not him, (do you think we have a future doctor on our hands? I mean he really is obsessed with doctors and he never cries when he gets his shots?! Crazy!) was starting to act out as we waited for the nurse to return with the vaccines. I was already upset for this poor little girl (I hate pain and needles) who kept smiling at me as she lay on the table. Finally I couldn't take it anymore (plus Chris was getting frustrated with me because I had already started to cry just thinking about the pain she was going to be in!) and I took Ryan out in the hall to wait instead. We watched the nurse go into the room and a few minutes later heard the broke my heart to hear her wail like that. She was pretty much cranky the rest of the evening and I swear she did a marathon of nursing last night. She would nurse for an entire hour and only take an hour break before wanting to eat again...Mommy was exhausted after all those feedings, but it was worth it because she was back to her old self today. Her next wellness visit is in October.

Cranky Kara after her doctor visit...poor girl. :(

Oh and taking band aides off babies is not fun! Look at those chubby thighs!!


Heather Smith said...

Kara is a very cute little girl! Yes, she's very good at posing!

Ryan sounds like a little chracter! Who like the doctor? Um...I'm not sure.Oh yeah, Ryan does LOL! That's good that he's not scared of going and getting shots, it's nice for you too because you don't feel to bad about saying "Ryan, you're going to the doctor soon"

Poor Kara! I don't like shots either. They must have hurt a lot and when you're a baby you don't know why the pain is there and of course you feel bad and sick inside seen your baby crying out pain!

I never like taking Sylvester in for shots. (Vester is my kitten who will be two years old tomorrow.)

I'm glad that Kara is back to normal. :)

the d'angelo family said...

Aww, Bobbers...I feel so bad for Kara. Your post was so funny...I didn't know whether to laugh at Ryan wanting to be a the Dr. for him, or to cry when I heard you had to leave the room and heard her scream from the hall...I'm sure you're glad Chris was there with you!

If I didn't tell you before, Kara's coming home dress is adorable, and you're looks even better now that she's grown a bit! The bow in the hair really completes it...I'm guessing this is one of Margie's? Nice work!

From the sounds of Kara's Dr. report, it seems as though you are doing what you do best...being a great mommy!!!

Kate said...

Wow! Happy 2 months!! Doesn't time fly??

I love Kara's dress- she looks like such a lady :)

I am DREADING Anderson's 2 month check up (which isn't until he's 10 weeks). I know the actual shots are going to be BAD, but I am also really dreading that whole day/night because of how fussy I imagine he'll be! I'm glad to hear Kara was back to herself the next day.

Love the pictures! She's precious!