Friday, August 8, 2008

#1- 2008 ~ The Year of the Babies

From the birth of J-Lo's twins earlier this year to the mega famous Jolie-Pitt twins being born just a few weeks ago. Hollywood has gone baby crazy it seems! I love reading about celebrities and even better reading about their babies! For example, I adore Jennifer Garner (she has got to be the sweetest actress alive!) and the world just found out that she and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child this winter. 2008 has been the year for celebrity babies so far and well...the arrival of the cutest baby on earth- Kara!

Going back to lucky number 8- Clay Aiken became a Daddy today 8.8.08 to a baby boy (Parker Foster Aiken) born at 8:08am!!! What a lucky little boy!


Jenni Thomas said...

Okay that whole Clay Aiken thing weirded me out. I mean congratulations to him, but I heard it was an artificial insemination thing (is that the right term?) and the woman was like 45 years old or something. I mean horray! A little mini Clay, but its so weird...he's so young and all.

The High Family said...

I totally have to agree. I love Clay but having a baby with your producer friend who is actually closer to 50! is very weird.