Tuesday, November 10, 2009

famous last words

Sunday we were invited to Tony D's 4th birthday party.

That morning I got Ryan ready and asked him if he would like to watch a movie or sit in the office with Daddy while I got ready for the party.

He chose to sit in the office with Daddy.

Before I jumped in the shower, I told Ryan not to get dirty and reminded Daddy to watch him.

10 minutes later Chris came into the bathroom to show me this....

I guess I should have ended my sentence with,

"...or create an Indian mask on your face."

Today I am THANKFUL for washable markers.


Helene said...

Yeah, I guess next time you need to be more specific. LOL!! But you have to admit he does look rather adorable!!

Sharon said...

LOL!!!!! Hopefully it was just his face and not anything else!!! Your hubby sounds like he "watches" just like my hubby!

The Moskal Family said...

HAHA! You'd think he'd be more proud of his artwork, silly boy!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

Ahhhhh.. Keep this photo for the graduation pictures. Priceless!

Jenni said...

Niiiiice. :) lol