Friday, November 6, 2009

A Birthday...A Giveaway!

Could it be? Today I turned 33!

Happy Birthday to me!

This year I decided to celebrate this special day with my very first GIVEAWAY on our family blog. If all goes well, I might just make it an annual event...or not. I guess we will just have to see. I am VERY excited for this GIVEAWAY though and hope everyone enters to win!

Before I get into the details of my very first GIVEAWAY, I thought I would pepper this post with pictures. I know how much you love seeing our smiling faces...especially our dear, sweet Nanie. These are for you! :)

Chris and Bobbi on our 5th Wedding Anniversary (8.21.09). We celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss in the beautiful Finger Lakes (NY) and this photo was taken on our sunset sail on Seneca Lake. (more pics and post coming soon...)

Here's our little ham, Ryan. He makes us laugh every day, can be sneaky at times and is extremely lovable! Ryan turns 4 years old in a few weeks!

And last, but certainly not least! Our beautiful Kara. She is sweet but feisty. Kara loves to dance and be her brother's shadow all day long. One look at her adorable smile and she will melt your heart!

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving family!


Ok! Time for the juicy details of my very first GIVEAWAY!

Over the past year, I've met (via the Internet) some very inspiring and special mommy bloggers! One that I would like to introduce you to is Jennifer Thomas! Jennifer inspires me everyday with her creativity and her ability to juggle being a working mom with everything else life throws at her. We have become really good friends and I hope we are able to meet in "real life" someday soon! Jennifer is not only an amazing mommy to her adorable son, Preston (who by the way, is only ONE day older than Kara!) but she is also an amazingly talented composer and pianist!

Jennifer has recently finished her 2nd album titled The Lullaby Album. This album was inspired by her son, Preston, who as an infant had difficulty falling asleep. Jennifer along with her mother, Carolyn Southworth, collaborated to create this beautifully calming 2-disc lullaby album. During the year long process, Jennifer would often ask her fellow mommy bloggers for advice on the songs she was working on. I felt so honored that she allowed me to critique her work. We were a part of this album from the very beginning, so it holds a special place in my heart.

This clip shows Jennifer's creative side (she created the montage), her beautiful family (the photos are of her, her husband Will and Preston when he was just a few weeks old) and of course gives you a taste of what is on the album!

Do you want to WIN a copy of this beautiful 2-disc album?!

Of course you do!

Ok, here are the rules to enter....


Click Here to check out Jennifer's website. Scroll down her home page to find 2 sets of music clips. Listen to them!

Don't forget to let Jennifer know you stopped by her website by leaving her some comment love in her guest book!


Determine which lullaby song is your favorite...then leave a comment on this blog post stating your name and which song is your favorite!

ie. Bobbi-Jo High: Baby of Mine (Preston's Song)

** For my non-blogging friends...the comment section is at the bottom of this post on the right hand side. You may sign into Blogger or choose to be anonymous (please make sure you leave your name in your comment if you choose anonymous!)

Only one entry per person. You have until 11pm (EST) on Friday, November 13th to enter this contest. A winner will be announced the following day. Good Luck!


TheRoths said...

Ok, I think I figured it out!(lol)I love the CD, it made me cry! I love the Twinkle Little Star song the most! That song means alot to me! I could really use the CD to calm Christian for nap!

Our Family said...

Sophie:)...Old Scottish Lullaby is my favorite well they're all my favorite I'm just picking this one HA! This sounds awesome!! HAPPY B-DAY Bobbi hey your older then me LOL!

Anonymous said...

Teresa Young - and my favorite song is Goodnight, My Angel.
Love your blog Bobbi! Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Amanda said...

All Through The Night - Carolyn Southworth

Lori-ann said...

Sweet Dreams, orchestrated version. hehe.. Wait. That would be biased, huh. Just kidding! I think I have two favorites and I can't choose between the two; Dancing on the Clouds and Unseen Angel.

Ms Mae said...

Cassidy - I love the twinkle twinkle.....however I agree Old Scottish Lullaby is great too!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Happy, happy (belated) birthday to you, my friend. 33 is a very good year. I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Wonderful to see that you are also promoting Jenny's amazing CD. I am such a fan of hers! If I had to pick just one song that I adore, it would definitely be Unseen Angel.

Maria said...

Maria: Shoot, so hard to pick just one. I honestly think that each one is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for the vocals though, so Sweet Dreams would be my fav though I honestly think they are all GREAT!

The Farley's said...

I found a few songs that I just loved, but my absolute favorite was Dancing on a Cloud (piano solo version) by Jennifer Thomas. It's so awesome that the CD was a mother-daughter venture. Inspiring!

Happy Birthday by the way!

Anonymous said...

Bobbi! Hi! It's been a longggg time since I've read your blog! It's me heather btw. (:

My favorite song on the CD is probably "Good nightm my angel" written by Jennifer Thomas.