Friday, May 29, 2009

Clip, Clip, Clip

To answer the burning question this week:

To cut or Not to cut?

We cut.

Daddy was sad (yes, he took it harder than Mommy) but he didn't cry (like Mommy did).

Here's a recap of Kara's big day in pictures...enjoy.

Before shot: The Girly Mullet

Before shot: Cousin IT

During: Kara did great. She didn't cry during the actual hair cut.

Saying good-bye to the "TAIL"...

Then the hair dryer came out and our happy girl turned on the water works. What a face!

After shot: Ryan got his hair cut too. He loves to visit Ms. Michele at Kids Cuts. Kara looks absolutely adorable! Ryan did not want to sit still during this picture, so he looks quite silly.

After shot: The beautiful bob. Mommy is happy. Kara is happy. Daddy needs some time to get used to the style. (he is not a fan of short hair on girls...)

After shot: Kara's hair looks so much fuller now. She's just so darn cute!


Lori-ann said...

I think it's cute! Now it will grow out more even and will be easier to manage.

Whitney said...

Bueno! Now it will grow out even, evenutally you would have had to cut it. And what a cute bob! So perfect for Summer!

Helene said...

I think it looks adorable!!! And you know, you'll probably notice that her hair will grow in faster and thicker now!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodnesss I have neve seen a cuter haircut on such a little girl. I didn't know you were going to cut it that short but I guess duh you have to in order to get rid of the "mullet" LOL. It looks soooooooo adorable, and that face with her crying while she is getting it blow-dried is PRICELESS~!