Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Special Surprise

Yesterday was the day for videos apparently! I actually tried to upload this video last night but Blogger AND Vimeo both gave me troubles. Tonight no issues, so I am playing catch up!

When Ryan turned one (November 2006), Santa brought him a cute little Cars themed push or sit car for Christmas. It quickly became his favorite toy. Even now at three and a half years old, Ryan still rides it and is not happy that Kara has started to take a liken to his beloved car. When she isn't standing on it, she is pushing it. Yesterday, jealousy got the best of Ryan and he insisted on sitting on the car while Kara push/walked behind it. I thought it was cute so I grabbed the camera....

What I thought was going to be short clip of Kara pushing Ryan turned into something bigger within seconds. It was a bittersweet surprise and I am happy that I caught it on film!

Kara Walks! from Bobbi-Jo High on Vimeo.

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Cupcake Dreamer said...

I can't believe it! she did it! that's sooooo cool. :)