Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day ~ 2009

Just a little reminder why I am able to celebrate this special day....

Mommy and Ryan
(December 2006)

Mommy and Kara (6.14.08)--------------------------------------------

Now for my Mother's Day review. (warning: a long rambling vent below, if you would like to skip the venting and see pictures, keep scrolling down...)

Today did not go as well as I had hoped or how Chris had planned. It started with three little words that came echoing down the hallway into our room early this morning. "What IS this?", my husband asked our son. Then he yelled for me to get up and come help.

What? Wait...where is the traditional greeting of hugs and kisses while I stay in bed on Mother's Day? What could possibly be wrong that my husband, who is supposed to be on duty all day, would need my help?

As I walked into the hallway, Chris came out of Ryan's room with Kara in one arm and a trashcan in the other. His expression said it all. One word- poop. Before I continue my story, I need to say that Ryan has been doing AWESOME with potty training the past few weeks. He gets up in the morning and goes potty right away. He rarely has accidents and finally let's us know when he has to go OR just goes to the bathroom when he feels the need. We are extremely proud of him and I can't tell you how much better I feel now that he using the potty.

I reached Ryan's room to find him standing in the middle of the room fully dressed for the day. At this point, I am confused because I do not see poop on him or around him. Also, how could he have an accident when I specifically remembered leaving his door cracked open before I went to bed last I do every night. Just as I was about to ask him why he didn't go to the potty, a gush of wind came blowing through his room and there was my answer. It was VERY windy last night. I left a few windows opened and his door must have closed shut sometime during the night. When he woke up, he was not able to get the door open. So it wasn't his fault that he had an accident.

He tried his best to clean himself up. I could tell he was embarrassed and fearful that we would get upset with him. He even tried to "hide" a huge stain on the carpet by putting a bucket over it. So while Chris steam cleaned the carpet, I got Kara changed, then ran a bath for Ryan. Little did we know this was only the start of a crazy morning!

While Chris gave Ryan a quick bath, I fed Kara. She was full of spunk this morning and thought blowing razzberries with a mouth full of oatmeal was fun and hilarious. She also thought my skin must have needed an oatmeal bath because I ended up with a good amount on me. While I can smile about it now, I have to say I was a bit annoyed at the time. I mean, wasn't today supposed to be my day to relax? Daddy was in charge but it sure felt like any other day for me!

As Kara was finishing up, the boys came downstairs and Chris started breakfast. I spent some time in "the pit" with the kiddies so he could cook in peace. He threw some sweet rolls into the oven and started making my favorite breakfast...eggs, hashbrowns, turkey bacon and sausage. We chatted about how crazy windy it was outside and joked about living in a wind tunnel again. The sun was shining but it was deceiving because it was very chilly outside. About 20 minutes had past when Chris realized he forgot to set the timer on the sweet rolls! So needless to say, the buns were a little crispy...and the hasbrowns turned out a little on the dark side too. At this point, my husband is starting to get frustrated.

What else could possibly go wrong today? It was 10 am and we still hadn't eaten. Sensing Chris' frustration at wanting to give me the perfect day but failing miserably at it so far, I decide to take the kids upstairs to give him some space. I open the door to our office to find yet another casualty of the crazy wind. All 4 cactus plants had blown over and we now had potting soil ALL OVER the carpet. As I turn to go back downstairs, I stub my toe on the doorway and break the nail on my big toe (now I really have an excuse as to why I need a pedicure!). Ouch. Now it's my turn to start getting frustrated...only I am in full PMS mode. (yes, to top it off- my monthly friend decided to make a visit at 1:30am on Mother's Day...just lovely! Sorry if that's TMI but it only made matters worse!)

I make my way back down to the kitchen with Kara in tow to let Chris know about the mess in the office. Bear in mind that I am in pain and getting crankier by the minute. Chris is also still upset about having to clean up poop, give his son a bath and then burning breakfast so far this morning, so you can only imagine his reaction to the news about his beloved cactus plants.

He let out a deep sigh and told me that we will clean it up later. For now he wanted me to head back upstairs and wait for my breakfast. A few minutes later, he arrived with a tray full of yumminess! So I eventually got the traditional breakfast in bed...we just had a few obstacles to overcome first. Then my hubby and kiddies gave me a beautiful flower that they crafted on paper and some very awesome cards. It seems Chris is starting his own tradition of creating beautiful crafty flowers with the kids for Mother's Day...I love it! See my post and cute flower that Chris and Ryan made from MOTHER'S DAY last year HeRe.

I got to relax a little bit after breakfast, or shall we say brunch! Before we knew it, it was early afternoon and the kids needed to be fed lunch and put down for a nap. But they had other plans and the RK Alliance reared it's ugly side. Both refused to take a nap!

Later in the afternoon, we stopped by my parents. It was nice to see them and my grandparents on both sides of the family and my older sister Tara with her family. Tara gave me a beautiful plant and wind chime- thanks sis! We had a lovely visit and packed up to leave around 6 so Chris could cook up my all time favorite dinner: Pot Roast!

Turns out we should have just stayed at my parents and ate pizza because we arrived home to find that the roast was still hard as a rock! It would have taken forever to cook, so we fed the kids something quick and went grocery shopping. It was bedtime when we arrived home, we gave the kiddies baths and tucked them in for the night. Around 10 pm, I finally made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. Yes, not exactly gourmet or special...but Chris did promise a Pot Roast rain check for tomorrow's dinner.

I will always remember this Mother's Day....the one that was filled with chaos and frustration... but above all, I will remember that my husband loves me so much that he still tried to make my day special even with all the craziness, that I got to see my Grandma Delp have a good day with her Alzheimer's (first time in a long time and she knew Kara was my daughter. I almost cried as I hugged her), that I got to visit with my cousin Lisa (we don't get to see each other very often), and that my children are happy and healthy. What MOM could ask for more?

Now it's time to pepper the post with cute pictures!

My sweet baby girl...
...and my adorable son!
Our attempt at getting a picture of me with my sweet and adorable children. (please excuse my crazy hair, it was the end of the day and I had it just pinned up...I think it's time for some highlights again!)

The cute cards and beautiful craft flower that Chris and Ryan made. Ryan got to glue and glitter everything. I loved Kara's card (it's the one with the little girl on it below). It said, "Are you going to have a happy Mother's Day...(inside)...or am I going to have to throw a little tantrum?" HAHA! It couldn't have been a more perfect card!

Of course, my husband picked a card that made me cry. He is so sweet and this year he surprised me with printing out words that he felt described me and glued them inside my card. It was so thoughtful and it made my heart smile! (the cook one cracked me up because really he is the cook in our family!)

Finally after like 30 attempts, we got a good shot.

Happy Mother's Day!


debilyn said...

What a day!!

It's funny, too, how the crazy, chaotic days like that are more likely to stick out in our memories and bring us so much joy and laughter when we remember. TRUST ME, your kids will want to hear the story of this day over and over again when they're older...

my kids absolutely love to sit around and talk about the crazy things that happened when they were little...and some of the most INSANE times we had so many years ago have provided us with some of the VERY BEST times now that they're older.

Your pics were precious, as always...and I'm so happy that you had a Happy Mother's Day in spite of the craziness =)

Our Family said...

Awwwwwl! I don't know what your talking about that sounds like the BEST MOTHER'S DAY Ever!! That's what it's all about, sharing the day with your family. Your children look beautiful Bobbi:) P.S. in the last pic Kara has that I'm a little devil grin I LOVE IT ahahaha. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Whitney said...

Great Gatsby! You did have a hectic day!! I'm glad that your Mother's Day did turn out lovely in the end though!

And I really thought that was adorable that Ryan tried to cover up his poop with a bucket!

Jenni said...

Wow! You really did have quite the "memorable" Mothers day! I'm sorry it got off to a rocky start :( Awwwwe and its so obvious that your poor husband CLEARLY tried his little heart out. Sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. You did great at handling everything.

I hope your toe feels better!:( I loved all your photos! Especialy because you put ones on your blog with YOU in them! (a rarity! LOL).Heheh. you are beautiful and your family is very very lucky to have you as a wife and mother.

Happy Mothers Day!

The Schaeffer Family said...

Holy Canoli! What a day! Now we can share our crappy poop stories for years to come. I've got some doosies! Thank you for sharing your day. Trust me - you'll be able to laugh about it later - much later, and I'm sure the RK alliance will dream up something bigger and better for years to come. Love you!