Sunday, February 1, 2009

~ SuperBowl Party 2009 ~

Steelers Win!

We aren't huge NFL fans but we love to watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Our favorite this year was the Mr. Potato Head one...hilarious!

We were excited to see the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Superbowl and add another trophy for the state of Pennsylvania. 2008-2009 has been the season for our state. Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series, Penn State went to the Rose Bowl (we lost but there is always next year!) and now the Pittsburgh Steelers won their 6th Superbowl.

We stayed home this year and had a mini party with the kiddies. It was fun and we ate lots of yummy junk food.

Snacks and appetizers- a party isn't complete without ring bologna and cheese & crackers!

Ryan and Mommy enjoyed some delicious Kashi pizza while Daddy enjoyed....

some hot wings! (ewwww)

Kara enjoyed some sweet potatoes.


We are still living in the stone ages with a "regular size" TV. That's right, no big screen in the house. That doesn't mean Chris isn't dreaming about owning one someday.

He wants a huge flat screen to place here....

...for now the children look adorable in that spot. :)

Did you know there was a commercial in 3D right before the halftime show? Well Chris did and brought home the special glasses for everyone to wear to see the 3D. The commercial was a sneak peak for the animated movie Monsters and Aliens...looks good!

Bruce Springsteen was the entertainment for the Halftime Show. Ryan loved him! It was so funny to watch Ryan stand in front of the tv strumming his "air guitar" on his arm and dancing. I think we need to add Rock Star to many talents. Here's Ryan enjoying The Boss. Sorry some of the video is sideways...Enjoy! :)


The Moskal Family said...

haha, very cute! I laughed at your TV, not cause it's "old-school" but because we probably have the exact same TV! lol
You don't like hot wings? I am sad for you! Mmmmm, so good!
looks like you all had fun!Being from Seattle, I couldn't root for the Steelers, we had our Super Bowl dreams dashed by them! :P

Heather Smith ツ said...

OMG, that food looks good! love the pictures too! Sorry, I don't have time to read the post yet because I have one more final to do! Then I'm done! Unitil Thurs! I got 11/12 done! 100 questions each! Well, I love the pics and I'll read it when I have a chance! Bye


Helene said...

You all are the coolest family!! I bet your house will be the one house all your kids' friends will want to hang out with when they're older!!

Those hot wings look so freakin yummy!!!

Whitney said...

Fun fun! So what is a Kashi pizza? I totally agree with you, hot wings = blech.

I loved the Potato Head commercial! It was so funny . . . especially because I bet there are loads of times the hubs wishes my mouth would fall off!

I'm so excited for the Monsters VS Aliens. I LOVE animated movies. Infact, I'm so exctied that Madagascar 2 comes out this friday! Have you seen it?! We died laughing!

The High Family said...

Helene- Thanks for saying we are "cool"...I hope we remain cool when the kids are teenagers! My mother wasn't a fan of having our friends over so it makes me want that even more when the kiddies are older! The more the merrier...though cleaning up the messes will only be more of a pain!

Whitney- Kashi is the brand of pizza. It's pretty healthy and without preservatives. Ryan and I really love the cheese (with tomatoes) pizza. Kashi makes all kinds of things...I think cereal is the most popular food they make.

tara @ kidz said...

Oh my goodness I forgot about the Mr Potato head commercial. That cracked me up! I loved how the lips kept going when they were falling down the mountain. I thought the 3D commercials were lame-o, but the glasses made for some entertainment at our party!

Heather Smith ツ said...

I reading the comment, Kashi is a a healthy brand of food. We get kashi pizza sometimes and kashi granola bars and yeah, it's good! sorry, i still haven't read that post or any of them. I'm a slacker, I know! i'm to busy listening to people cyber bullie me. Someday I'll get to read your blog with no interruptions but for now i have to go find out who i really am. =(

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