Monday, February 2, 2009

Holiday Review ~ part three

{Christmas Eve}

This year I decided (last minute) to make sugar cookies with Ryan in addition to our tradition of making Chocolate Chip Cookies that we give to family and friends for the holidays.

Ryan had a lot of fun decorating the cut out cookies but he did have a little trouble with "dumping" the sugar crystals on top! We had to keep reminding him to just shake or tap the bottles a little bit onto each cookie. There were a few cookies that probably could cause a major "sugar high", but I thought he did really well for being his first time decorating cookies.

This was my first attempt at making sugar cookies. I found a simple recipe online and couldn't wait to try it out. While the cookies turned out quite tasty, the preparation was another story. Did you know that the dough needs to stay cold so you can cut those adorable shapes out? I didn't think it mattered. I was wrong. So next year I will make sure the dough is prepared early and chilled for a few hours before we roll it out. It was such a pain in the tushy to have to put the cookie dough back in the fridge after cutting out a few shapes each time. It took twice as long to cut and decorate all the cookies.

I will also make sure we bake the cookies earlier next year. We waited until late afternoon and after our last batch was baked, we rushed to get ready for church. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked because of all the rushing around. In the end, it turned out to be a fun family activity and I look forward to continuing the tradition next year. It should be interesting adding Kara to the mix and to actually see how much dough gets eaten instead of baked!

Our cookie shapes included Stars, Trees, Gingerbread Boys & Girls and Snowmen. I hope everyone (who received the cookies) enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you all! :)

{One Last Party}

(Kianah, Evelyn, Ava and Ryan playing and watching Christmas movies!)

We received an invite for a small party on Christmas Eve at the Reidinger household. After our church service, we stopped by to visit with Keith, Heather (Chris' co-worker) and their adorable little girl, Ella. Thanks again for inviting us Keith and Heather!

Our plans were to visit for about an hour and head home to get the kids to bed before Santa came down the chimney! We were having so much fun (one reason I only got this ONE photo from this party!) that we didn't notice how late it was getting until I saw that it was after 10pm. We said our good byes and hurried home. Due to our haste, we completely forgot to put cookies and milk out for Santa. Ooops! Turns out Santa didn't mind and still delivered a fair amount of goodies under the tree for everyone to find the next morning!

Final Holiday Review...coming soon!

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