Saturday, November 22, 2008

WE ARE.....


We did it! We beat the Michigan State Spartans with a final blowout score of 49-18 to end our season. We not only won our conference but we also secured a spot in the Rose Bowl.

It was a snowy and VERY cold afternoon but Chris, his brother Mike, and Pop-Pop & Grandma High braved the weather to watch our Nittany Lions end their 2008 season with 11 wins and 1 loss. Sadly, Chris wasn't able to get pictures of this game. I had the camera this weekend for Caleb's 5th birthday party celebration. That's another post in the works...stay tuned.
Our booster button said this week: Defeaticus Sparticus
(I love the Harry Potter feel it has to it! )

We tied Ohio State for the 2008 championship title. I don't understand all the mumbo jumbo that goes into who gets what title, but I do know we also shared the championship title with Ohio State back in 2005 as well. Chris and I have noticed that each year we have a baby, our PSU team wins the BIG 10 Championship?! Isn't that funny!? And NO...we are not going to have a child each year just to see if our offspring are really their good luck charms! hahaha In other news, I just found out that Joe Paterno (or JoePa as we affectionately like to call him!) received Coach of the Year! Go JoePa!

Here are a few of my favorite PSU clips:

Please note: If you are viewing at work, please turn down your volume button...the following contain music and cheering!

This video is from the 2007 season but I love how it sums up PSU football.

Every year our mascot performs the Thriller Dance...
I added this one for you Christy!

And the following are just a taste of what we experience at each game...
Some would call it crazy but we think it's awesome!



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Anonymous said...

Yay Penn State! We as Washingtonians didn't do well at all! Good job to Penn State!