Monday, November 24, 2008

Caleb is FIVE

Today (11.24) is Caleb's actual birthday but we celebrated his party on Saturday. Caleb is the sweetest boy I know. I love his smile and he always greets me with a big hug when we come over to visit. I can't believe he is 5 years old. I still remember the day he was born and holding him for the first time in the hospital. He looked sooooo much like his mommy...he still does.

A great time was had by all (well except for when Ryan knocked over the family guinea pig cage and was found holding that poor poor animal by her hind legs!! oh and when the cupcake fell on the carpet...ooops!) at the Gaston home and we can't wait to see them next month as they are hosting our annual Friends Christmas Party this year! We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Happy Birthday dear Caaaaleeeeeb...........

The following are pictures from Ryan's view...maybe he will be a photographer someday!

Little Miss Jaylin

aunt Wendy and uncle Chris

Ryan High ~ self potrait 11.22.08

is that you uncle Sean???

Jamye's mom Mrs. Fidler (aka Sharon) holding Kara

These next few are FUNNY!

This is how a 5 year old eats a cupcake with black icing...
not bad...just a little hitler 'stache going on!

and this is how a three year old eats a cupcake with black icing!
Awww..what a cute little puppy...uh wait--that's RYAN!

Happy 5th Birthday CALEB!

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the d'angelo family said...

Wow - there is truly no denying Caleb is 1/2 Fidler!!! Looks like everyone had fun. Your pics are GREAT! I don't think I've laughed that hard in forever!! Happy Thanksgiving!!