Monday, October 13, 2008

Lily is THREE

Lily Rose turned 3 years old today!

(do you see Ryan in this picture? yes, that's him on the right and yes, he blew out her candles...tisk tisk! don't worry we know she will get him back in a few weeks when it's his turn to celebrate being 3!)

We celebrated Lily turning THREE on Sunday. It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon with The Clousers (Jen, Brent & Lily)! Lily was very excited to play with her cousins and friends. Ryan could spend hours playing outside in their back yard (it is fenced in) and upstairs in her playroom. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go and we had quite the tantrum to deal with heading out the door. He didn't have a nap the day before because of the pumpkin patch nor did he on Sunday. He was tired and overstimulated with play.

LILY got a great assortment of toys, clothing and crafts items. It is so neat to watch a little girl open her gifts! Girls LOVE to get clothing.

Lily tackling her mound of gifts! cute Ladybug outfit
Happy Birthday dear Lilyyyyyyyy......
(Lily helped make the cupcakes and she icing them herself!)

Kara had fun too!
Ryan playing quietly...
Doctor Lily bringing me medicine (and she insisted I drink it all!)
Lily's friend Sydney modeling Lily's new cooking outfit. TOO CUTE!

At one point, I found Ryan outside with Lily's cousin Katie and he HAD OUR CAMERA!! ugh...what am I gonna do with this child? I can't wait to celebrate his birthday so we can give him the childproof digital camera to use! Here are a few pictures from his photo shoot outside. I have to admit- they are pretty good even his self portrait. There is no denying he has talent for only being 3 years old. Enjoy.


the slide

the picnic table self portrait (10.12.08)
Katie posing...


Pregnancy Chic Unrated said...

What a fun time had by all. Lily is such a cute little girl and it looks like everyone had a fun time. I'm sure it feels like the time has come and gone so quickly to get to 3. Happy belated birthday to Lily!

the d'angelo family said...

I can't believe Lily is 3! Heck, I can't believe our guys will be 3 either...where is the time going? One word to describe Ryan's pictures...HILARIOUS! We got Tony D a Mickey Mouse digital camera last year for Christmas and he LOVES it. It's cool b/c you can hook it up to the computer to download the pictures and everything. The quality is lacking, but it's better than them making off with our cameras! Ryan will love his!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the pics! Too cute! (I wanted to let you know I delelted my blog for now. I will create another one later after I can figure out a good address for it)

-Heather S