Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Is it really OCTOBER...already?! We all know what this means....summer is definitely gone and winter is just around the corner. Boo. I am not a fan of all the cold days and early nights that fall/winter bring. BUT on a sunny note, this season brings lots of birthdays (on my side of the family and friends including mine and Ryan!), Halloween, Thanksgiving and my favorite time of the year CHRISTMAS! Yay! I just LOVE LOVE this seems all the world is happy even if it is for short period of time. So I will try to concentrate on the happy things and hopefully the days will fly by without me noticing how cold or dark it is outside.

As promised last week (I must say I am "a little" disappointed in the small response of comments...come are FUN! play along next time people!! pretty please...haha), here is the winner of the Caption Fun game.


Christy came up with the funniest caption ever. Her prize? Being recognized on the best blog ever created...that's right-
The High Family blog! :) Way to go, Christy!!
If you get a chance, please stop by her blog (click here) and leave her a congratulations comment. I am sure it will put a smile on her face and brighten her day!

"a glimpse of a breast-milk hangover"


the d'angelo family said...

Thanks Bobbi! That put a smile on my face. I had forgotten I even commented. The past few days/weeks have been a blur.

Anonymous said...

Bobbi-I must say that was a good one coming from Christy...John & Tony D. have taught her well. I enjoy your blog just as much as hers! Happy Friday!
Sue D.

Jenni said...

LOL I love that caption for the photo. See that is why I didn't play because I am so lame I would never have been able to come up with something so creative!!! I love it! Okay next time I promise to play. :)

When is your bday by the way???