Monday, September 29, 2008

Peek-A-Boo ~ Happy Girl

Hi Everyone.

This is a video of me playing my new favorite game called Peek-A-Boo with my mommy. In the video you will see my mommy trying to get me to smile by making her grrrrr and googoo noises. She is so silly. I was not in the mood at first but to make her happy, I gave her a few smiles and coos. I hope you enjoy my fun video.



Jenni said...

She is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!! I am so in love with this age right now. They are so much more interactive!!

Heather Smith said...


You're such a pretty girl! Cute video! We need more of those.

Margie G. said...

So cute! I keep saying I need to do this for Anna!?

The Moskal Family said...

She is a DOLL! My goodness, look at all her hair!!!
I just added your blog to my list, I was tired of going to Jenni's or LTB to find your link!!!