Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Reunion ~ 2008

On Sunday, August 31st we attended the annual Copenhaver Family Reunion. The Copenhavers are Bobbi's family on her maternal side. This already large Pennsylvania Dutch family seems to grow more each year. The reunion always starts with a short meeting where minutes are read from the year before, we sing a few songs (usually the same ones from previous years!), prayers, monetary collection for future events and for everyone to elect the board (always the same people but it's funny to see my uncle nominate one of his sons to be President!). We also pay our respects to those that have passed (especially Bobbi's Pop-Pop- who was president for many many years before passing 5 years ago) and hand out prizes to the oldest and youngest family members. Kara won for being the youngest this year and she received a cute Leap Frog ABC toy (many thanks to the board for that generous gift!). Yummy food is always in plenty and it's neat to see what everyone brings for the chinese auction. For the past 10+ years, we have gathered at a local park which has an enclosed building along with a kitchen and restrooms for us to use. It is always fun to play in the park with the kids and BINGO with everyone (young and old participate!). We especially love when my uncle Billy invites his friend to help us with some FUN Survivor games. It's always a blast. I love that we now have this tradition to share with Ryan and Kara. I also love that they will always know their family history from journals kept and photos taken over the years at the family reunions. I just wish they could have met their great grandfather...I know he would have loved them very much. He had a tough exterior with a teddy bear heart. He loved his family and we all miss him dearly.

There were many family members unable to attend this year so our 2008 picture is actually on the smaller size!

2008 Copenhaver Reunion

Ryan with Pop-Pop (Bobbi's Dad)

Great-Aunt Margaret & Uncle Billy

Ryan loved playing in the huge playground. Here are a few shots from his day in the park.


Kara also enjoyed her first Family Reunion. I wonder what she is daydreaming about in this photo? Isn't she a cutie!

Of course we had to get a group shot of just the cousins. Like I said it was a small turnout this are 5 out of the 11 grandkids my parents have! They look like they are in a line-up at a jail! Funny because....

The cops did show up!! Don't fret, he is a family friend. Little Billy (the one who is pretending to cry), Madison and William (Sammy is what I like to call him) got to experience what the back seat of a police vehicle was like...let's just pray this is only time they get to experience it! ;)

Until next year....


Jenni said...

Love the static cling picture of Ryan's hair. :)

the d'angelo family said...

Looks like you had a great time...where was it held this year?

Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures! Sounds like you had a fun time! I'm so happy that Kara joined! Cute pics of Ryan and Kara! PS: You and Chris did an awesome job picking out names! My favorite boys names are Jacob and Ryan and I think Kara is a beautiful name!

-Heather S