Sunday, September 7, 2008

They did it again!

Penn State played their second game on Saturday afternoon and beat Oregon State (first time the Beavers visited our Beaver Stadium!- I just think that's funny! hahah). It was another blow score of 45- 14 and the boys are proving that they have what it takes to go all the way this year!

Chris took Ryan up to the game at State College while I stayed home with Kara. They had a lot of fun tailgating with Grandma & Pop-Pop High before the game started. Ryan did much better than last year (he only made it through 1 quarter before having a melt down)....Chris actually got through 3 quarters this time. The game was going so well that he didn't mind walking back to the van to finish listening to the game on the radio while Ryan rested.

The Nittany Lions visit Syracuse next week...stay tuned to see if we are 3-0!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the game!

Tailgating with grandma & pop-pop!
(isn't his froggy chair cute!- thanks grandma!)
Silly van fun! Ryan pretending to be Pop-Pop...
hat- check, seat- check, binoculars-check, he's ready-start the game!
Sea of White (or WHITE OUT!)
(the little orange blob to the left is the visitors section)

Over 107,000+ screaming at once...yea that's LOUD!

My favorite picture ever! His face says it all!

GO PENN STATE! woohoo!!!

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Heather Smith said...

Bobbi- Thanks for you nice comment on my blog. I know, everything happens for a reason but I still think that it's not fair for someone to die in a car acidcent.

Your pictures of Ryan are just so cute! He's a cute little boy.