Tuesday, September 9, 2008

boo-boo's & giggles

Ryan added another boo-boo to the many existing ones on his legs/knees. This one was a doozie though that caused a lot of blood to come flowing out. If there is one thing I can't stand, it's blood. Just one of the many reasons I did not choose the medical field to work in. But being the mommy, I had to overcome it with strength (act like it's no big deal) and put on a brave mask, all the while cringing inside from the sight of scraped off skin from his knee caps. ewe!

He was quite upset this time around. Usually, he will allow me to clean it and put one of his favorite band-aids on. This one was pretty deep and I think it stung more...so he fought me as I tried to clean it up, put the neosporin (best thing ever made!) on and band-aids. Yes, band-aides. The scrape was so large I had to put an extra big one on but Ryan also insisted that I put scooby-doo and Elmo band-aids over the big one!

The funny part of this story is how he "milked" this injury for the rest of the day! He seriously limped around the house and wouldn't let anyone near him because they might hurt his boo-boo more. Now I know it probably hurt. But when he thought I wasn't looking, I saw he could walk normal and better yet, he would sit on his knees while playing. So his limping and pouty lips were just for show! I tell ya, he is a very good actor. I think we need to start acting classes early...wouldn't want to waste this talent! ha ha.

Ryan & his boo-boo

Speaking of talents, Ryan is getting really good at taking pictures too. I think Chris and I will get him a "child" digital camera for his birthday this year. He is obsessed with our expensive one! Now with this talent ~ he takes after his Daddy! :)

baby Kara (taken by Ryan C. High)

Kara will be three months old soon (she is already 12 weeks old- crazy how time flies!) and quite the talker already. She is still "cranky Kara" at times but we do see a very sweet side to her most of the day. We believe she is actually teething already (I know CRAZY, huh?!) because there are several white tooth buds along her bottom gum that are ready to poke out. Her bottom gum also bled a little this weekend. She has the classic drool issue plus a runny nose and a painful cry at times. I have a feeling she is going to be difficult with getting teeth...unlike her brother who popped them out with no problems! Kara is growing fast. I love her smile and I love when she talks to us. In the following clip, she is having a conversation with Chris and I before bath time...as always, enjoy!


Jenni said...

I love the giggle! And I had no idea of the teething symptoms. Preston drools sooooooooo much!! lol

Heather Smith said...

I don't like blood either. Last summer I ran into a broken clay pot andcut my leg. It was exactly 6 inches long and was a 1/2 inch deep. My goodness was there a lot of blood! Okay, back to Ryan...He must have had a big boo-boo! Hope he's alright!

From the picture, Kara looks like a really sweet girl! If there was a video, I could't see it...I'll watch it tomorrow.