Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ryan Funnies

Today for lunch I decided to make Ryan a peanut butter and banana sandwich instead of the same 'ol PB&J. I let him help spread the PB onto the bread and as he did that, I got the banana. He took one look at the banana and said, "oh mommy no! dat a dirty 'anana!" I was confused for a moment before realizing that he thought it was dirty because it had started to brown. I explained that the banana wasn't dirty, it was just ripe (or very sweet). He gave me a "yea right, whatever you say, mom" look. He told me, "no- yucky dirty 'anana!" I peeled the banana and showed him that it looked normal from the inside (thank goodness there were no brown spots!). He looked over again and said, "oh mommy, magic! it look good again!" What a silly and VERY picky little boy.


Kate said...

Cutest EVER!!

Heather Smith said...

How cute! My second favorite food are bananas