Monday, September 1, 2008


There is no denying the bond that my children have for one another. Ryan is the sweetest, most gentle little boy around his sister. Don't get me wrong, he still tries to pull her limbs and pat her head but most of the time he is great with her. Kara never fusses when her brother is holding or talking to her. She seems so fascinated with him...looks at him in a loving way.

Sunday morning Ryan asked if he could hold Kara after I finished feeding her. I set him up on the glider with the boppy and put Kara next to him. Immediately he started to sing Rock-a-bye-baby while slowly stroking her arm. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I asked him if he would let mommy tape him singing it again...he said yes, but as you'll see- I did most of the singing the second time around! He did end it on a great note though! :)

As you watch the video, take notice to how gentle Ryan is and how Kara looks at her big is so precious! ENJOY!


Heather Smith said...

What a great brother Ryan is! I loved the video, he is so gentle with bab Kara! You're so gifted to have them and they are so gifted to have you and their daddy. What awesome kids you have! I think they both will do well in life.

Jenni said...

That was so precious!! He really is good with Kara. You have a lovely singing voice too momma! :)