Saturday, August 30, 2008


Our favorite time of the year has arrived! College football season and cheering on our Nittany Lions~ Go PSU! Both Chris and I went to Penn State though we didn't meet there...a lot of people think we did. He graduated from State College (main campus) while I graduated from a smaller branch named Abington (in Philly). My first Penn State football game was with Chris and it was quite the experience! I am not one to watch sports but I LOVE watching Penn State football. Of course we want our children to carry on the family tradition and graduate from PSU someday...actually Chris jokes that he won't pay for their college unless they go tot Penn State! We are very lucky that Chris' parents have season tickets or we wouldn't be able to visit state college to watch them from beaver stadium much at all. Thanks Mom & Dad! :)

Today was their first game of the 2008 season. We decided to stay home because we just got back from vacation and my family reunion is tomorrow. Plus Chris had some work to get done after being off for a few days. The Nittany Lions won by a blow out, 66-10!!!!!! Well they played Coastal Carolina but still that's a lot of touchdowns! We will be heading up next weekend to watch them beat Oregan State! I think Chris might take Ryan to the game this time. I will be staying at my in-laws watching the game on tv.

GO Penn State!

Look out! There's a new cub in the Nittany Lion den!
(we got Kara this onesie while visiting PSU in April)

Penn State fan from my head to my toes!

(Grandma High got Kara these cute booties!)


Jenni said...

I'm so glad they make sports paraphanilia in pink and cute. :) Cute cute cute! And GO PENN STATE!!WOOOOOO!!

okay I didn't go to Penn State but I could care less about football and don't have a team of my own to root for, so GO PENN STATE! WHOOOO!!!:)

Heather Smith said...

OMG! Kara is such a cute baby with her onesie! She is a very pretty baby! She's going to grow up into such a nice person. So cute!

the d'angelo family said...

i love the pink psu onesie!! we are a blue & white family in this house as well!! john was going to go to the game yesterday with our bro-in-law before he realized we'd be out of town...he was bummed!! that score rocked!

Whitney Hines said...

Hi! You posted on my blog about slideshows. I made them in photobucket. Then on the "layout" section of blogspot I added a HTML/JavaScript box and pasted the HTML code into that. Let me know if you need more help!

How stinking cute is that Penn State stuff!! :)