Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're back from the lake and...

...mommy is covered with mosquito bites all over her feet! :(
I've been using this product for the past two days. I seriously have at least 15 bites on both feet. Most on my left...including all toes! My poor mother-in-law also got attacked and has them not only on her feet but also on her ankles. I think Kara might have gotten one on the side of her cheek. Funny how the girls got bit but the boys didn't?! I guess our blood is sweeter. ;)

So we are home and even though the past week was fun and kinda relaxing, there is nothing like home sweet home. I finally got Kara to sleep (both kids are completely off schedule and I dread the next few days getting them back on) and I can't wait to climb into our comfy bed!

I promise tons of posts with pictures in the coming days. This past week was filled with a bunch of "firsts" for both kiddies.

Oh back to the bites...the anti-itch gel works but is only a temporary relief. Any suggestions on how to relieve the itch? Please lease a message in the comment section. I am going craaaazzzzyyy!!!!! :)


Heather Smith said...

If you're allergic to the bites (I am allergic to them) I would use Benophen, it's the same thing as tyonol. It works really well, but it makes you sleeeeepy! If you're not allergic to them and trying to get the itch to go away I also use Hydrocortisone. You put it on the itchy spots and it gets rid of the itchyness. There's also this stuff that comes in a pink bottle that really really works. Sorry, I forgot the name of it. (See how helpful I am with important names LOL!)

Those things work well, I would try them. Hope this helps!

Jenni said...

So you DID go and do something fun! I was wondering where you were! :) That stinks about the mosquito bites though. I always seem to get bitten too. I keep getting them on my walks and in the wierdest places - like between my toes or under my pants and I'm like "What, did you crawl up my pants you nasty little bug?" Okay that was probably TMI. LOL I actually wonder if they bite through clothes.

Kate said...

Hey girl- Can I get your email address? If you don't mind... You can email me at :)