Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gifts and more...

Last Thursday, Chris and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Sadly, we did not plan something "special" for that night. Chris has been working late most nights and we were invited to attend the End of the Summer Picnic at Ryan's school. We were planning to attend as a family but at the last minute, Chris had to stay late. I decided to take the kids anyway. It was a bit difficult trying to get food, carry Kara and watch Ryan all at the same time but I managed.

Ryan was so excited to see Ms. Ashley and Ms. April. It had been almost a month since his last day at school and he asks me if he is going to see his teachers every day since. Boy does that tug at my heart to hear. It makes me happy to know that I chose the right school to send him to but it also makes me sad to hear that he would rather go to school then stay at home with me. I can't blame the poor kid this time the needs of his baby sister are greater than his. I try my darnedest to makes sure we have "mommy/son" time but it's hard to accomplish that several times throughout a day. I also remind myself that it will get better as Kara gets older.

The picnic turned out to be a lot of fun. It was neat to see Ryan interact with his friends and watch him play/dance on the playground. He was a little shy when he saw Ashley and April but I could see the excitement in his eyes. We also got to meet Ms. April's new baby boy, Kyle Brady. He is so adorable! I hope to get together with Ms. April for play dates in the future.

Along with the yummy food, they had a concert with a band that plays kid songs. They reminded me of a cover band for the Wiggles! Ryan had a great time jumping and dancing!

mmmm....yummy food!

Kara can't wait to attend school in a few years! Peek-A-Boo!
The "fake" Wiggles band!
Go Ryan!
Ms. Ashley and Ms. April

I decided to visit my parents after the picnic so Chris could fix the window in the truck. Here are a few pictures from that visit.

Mommy and Kara

Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop Delp's new kitty. (Put a "t" instead of "k" and you have the word Ryan says instead- yes it is hard not to laugh! Gosh I hope he gets his consonants correct soon!)
When we finally arrived home around 8pm that evening, I was greeted with a big hug and kiss and these....
Chris always surprises me with Roses for our anniversary. He gave me two dozen this for each child. He also created a basket full of yummy chocolates. So not good for a mommy trying to lose the baby weight BUT so good to indulge in after a stressful day with the kids. He also got my favorite Yankee Candle (Mackintosh Apple) and "us" a huge pack of D batteries! This is for the swing (we are going through them left and right lately)! haha...god I love him!

Not only did my wonderful husband give me a great gift on our anniversary but our children did as well. :)

Miss Kara slept 8 hours the night before and again that night!!!! Yes, you read that correctly! Only 9 weeks old and sleeping 8 hours! I feel like the luckiest mommy on earth! She went back to 6 hours but I am hopeful that she will get back to 8 in the near future. My children LOVE to sleep!

Ryan's gift was going poopy on the potty that morning and the following morning!!!!! This was huge because he has taken several steps backwards since my last potty post. He finally got the lollipop we told him he could have if he went poopy! Being the good mommy that I am, it was organic! Still sugar but makes me feel better that he isn't getting a lot of artificial ingredients. Slowly we are making progress in the potty department and I hope to have him completely trained by his 3rd birthday in November...cross your fingers! :)


Heather Smith said...

xThat's good that Ryan likes his teachers and all but I know how you feel, sometimes you feel like someone you love is happier spending time with someone elso more than you, but he know that he alsways has you and he'll always love you the most! :)

That's good that the picnic was fun! It's good to get out and have fun.

That was so cool that your husband got two dozzen roses for you and your kids! How sweet! Chocolate sounds really good right now. DOn't worry, you can get away with chocolate on occasions!

Also, thanks for your nice comment on my blog! It felt good to know that I take really good care of my animals! You take such good care of you two cute kids!

the d'angelo family said...

Wow - what a packed day! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I had to laugh when I heard "cover band of the Wiggles"!...Have we really come that far Bobbi? We're talking about a band that covers Wiggles songs? Where has the time gone?

Pregnancy Chic Unrated said...

Ahhhh.. what a fun time. I love all the pictures and it must've been very nice to have flowers waiting for you.

The kids are certainly growing. How old is your little girl?