Monday, July 21, 2008

Playtime and Crazy Hair!

Now that Kara is more alert and becoming more and more aware of her surroundings, I've decided to try tummy time and play time on her new activity gym. We purchased the Baby Einstein Deluxe Activity Gym the other week and after a few tries, Kara decided that she really likes it! It was probably one our best baby purchases yet! Definitely worth the price and then some...

My poor little girl has a "bad hair day" everyday! I can't seem to tame that crazy head of hair!

Do you know why I have a blanket under Kara's head?

Did you guess- for added head comfort? Good guess but the main reason is to catch any SPIT-UP that might suddenly come shooting out my darling daughter's mouth! :)

My favorite is the Mirror- I can't stop looking at myself! I'm a cutie!

Mommy says I am a "diva" in training!

That musical star is mesmerizing!

Kara really loves her play gym! Here she is just lounging enjoying the music and seeing all the pretty colors! ** Please excuse my mommy's baby talk- she is sooo silly!**


Jenni Thomas said...

Okay she is too cute. ANd wow look at all that hair!! My poor little guy was born with a full head of hair, but a lot of it has rubbed off and he has the "old man" thing going on with a receeding hairline.

I love that she is taking to the gym. We have one of those but it was given to us by a friend who had a dog. It is practically brand new, but I'm allergic and so I just need to wash it down before we use it. But seeing your little one enjoy it so much reminded me I need to get going on that and get it washed!!

john, christy & anthony d said...

She looks so "long" in the she's 3 months old, not 1 - wow, what a reminder of how quickly they change!

Margie G. said...

Vey cute! I have to get out my activitiy mat soon I guess.

It hasn't been too bad being at home with two but NIck is 3 now so that might make a difference. You'll do fine :-)

Kate said...

I love that she loves her little gym! Anderson isn't a fan of his just yet... I think it's smaller and the hanging things hang too low for him? I don't know...we're working on it.
She is a CUTIE!