Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exercise, Spit-Up & Bath time!

Well the time has come to finally get rid of the "jelly belly" and "thunder thighs!" Though I am not completely healed (3rd degree tears are no fun-- ahhh the pains of having children!), I've decided a little walking will not hurt me. No more excuses! To help me with this journey, my good pal (former co-worker) Lauren has generously offered to be my exercise buddy. She is getting married in Sept. '09 and wanted to get a jump start on getting in shape for the wedding. So we are in this's always easier when you have someone pushing you forward. Thanks for taking on the challenge Lauren...I'm gonna need all the help I can get! ;)

Tonight Lauren stopped by after work for our first walk together. We put Kara in the stroller and off we went around my neighborhood. It was nice because we held a great conversation the entire hour we were gone and it went fast. It was hot and I was dripping in sweat when we got back but it felt good to get some exercise. I am sure I will be feeling the pains tomorrow but as the old saying goes, "No Pain...No Gain." Bring on the pain if it gets rid of the weight and I gain a new self confidence!

Lauren & her fiance Shawn (it was his 1st time holding a baby...too cute!)

WARNING- the following post contains spit up dialogue. If you have a weak stomach, do not continue!

This is not a picture of my child (Kara actually has hair!) but this is Kara's claim to fame shall we say! She is spit up queen! (can you believe I found a picture of a child spitting up on Google image? that's impressive photography!!)

Today was a marathon of spit ups. We had a lunch date with Daddy and as I was about to put her in the car seat she decided spit up all over my shoulder. This is after she had spit up twice during her diaper/clothing change! Now, I must blame myself for not learning to put a burp cloth over my shoulder already! I mean it's been 4 weeks of this! I was in a hurry so I just cleaned myself up with a baby wipes (they can get anything out of clothing!). When we returned home, she ate and once again I tried to get a good burp out of her. Instead of a good burp, I got a nice big pile of spit up on my other shoulder!! After changing my shirt, getting her in a new outfit and doing laundry again!- I think her tummy did calm down a bit. Ryan never spit up (well maybe like twice in his entire infancy!) so this is a whole new ballgame with Kara. She is just full of surprises!

Bath Time Update:

Kara had her second bath tonight and did rather well. She did cry during shampooing her hair but that was it. She actually made some cooing is so cute to hear her little coos and ahhhs. It is also nice that she is starting to interact with us- these are the moments that make the crying and no sleeping worth it!


Jenni Thomas said...

Oh my goodness you are hilarious girl! Sorry about the spitup though. If it makes you feel any better I got it all over my hair yesterday unbeknownst to me!! Later in the evening I realized I had dried spitup stuck in my hair. Ewe!

And good for you for walking! I wish I had an exercise buddy! If we lived near each other I would totally join you gals!

Kate said...

First of all- good for you for getting out there and walking! I hear ya about the Jelly Belly- it's time to say BYE BYE to that! :) My thunder thighs are more my issue- I'm not terribly concerned with my tummy. I'm 2.5lbs away from pre-prego weight and I'm still 2 sizes away from my norm. Talk about depressing!

Anyway, sorry to hear about the spit up- I'm with you on the burp cloth tho- we've got like 12 of them and I never use them! Why??? I don't know! Today I was just feeding AJ and he PROJECTILE vomited 3 times on me! He's never done this before- usually just drools puke out- hahah- what a mess!

Glad baths are going well- with all the puking, she'll need em! :)

Kate said...

Oh- and I guess as I'm typing about losing weight I shouldn't be sitting here eating an entire box of wheat thins huh? :)